LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model) No.1

 This 501 was manufactured during WWII, and its specifications were simplified in order to save supplies during the war. This model is very popular because of its unique details, but the fabric remains black even though it has faded considerably. 1942-45 is said to be a war model, but the one shown here is presumed to be relatively early from the front buttons and rivets.

A martial straight that falls straight towards the hem. There is a lot of room around the waist. The color has faded, but there is little to no damage.
LEVI'SS501XX_back pocket

back pocket

There are no remaining arche stitch that had been applied to the print.

red tab

One side of the tab is embroidered with LEVI'S on one side only. It remains clean.
It's a thick belt loop that attaches to the top of the center seam. The fabric is the same fabric as the main body.

belt loop

LEVI'SS501XX_conceal rivet

coceal rivet

Hidden rivets made of iron and slightly bulging.
LEVI'SS501XX_top button_

top button

Deeply engraved top button. If you think of WWII model, there is an image of a donut button, but this is usually used for the one used in Levi's.
LEVI'SS501XX_front button

front button

Similarly sized 1922 model, 1937 model and 1947 models have two fly button, but this one has three button. If it is a 503B, it means that the number of buttons was increasing in the era when the reduction of goods was required, so I think that this is 501.
LEVI'SS501XX_fly button

fly button

Like the top button, it has a deeply engraved button.
LEVI'SS501XX_top button (back)

top button (back)

Iron, slightly bulging, unmarked button back. The stitching under the top button seems to be a V-shaped stitch, but it does not extend to the top.


All four rivets have a lowercase "o" for "co". It is likely to be made of copper-plated iron as it has a magnet.
LEVI'SS501XX_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

It is likely to be made of copper-plated iron as it has a magnet like the rivet table. Some rust has been transferred to the sleek.


There is no bar tack.

crotch (back)

The lower end was just cut off and not processed.
LEVI'SS501XX(大戦モデル)_coin pocket

coin pocket

It is not riveted because of the reduction in supplies. It is one of the most distinctive details of the WWII model.
LEVI'SS501XX_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

This one is relatively cleanly treated, while many of WWII models have been treated poorly.


The fabric of the area near the hem with the darkest remaining color. As is often said, there is a blackness that seems to ooze out of the fabric.


The fabric of the most faded part of the peach. There is a random vertical drop in length, and many weave scratches in other areas.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
- 27 40 11.5 14 10.5 27.5 7.5 36.5