LEVI'S 503XXB (1937 model) No.2

This model is called the 1937 model because the suspender buttons were omitted and the back pocket reinforcement was changed from bare rivets to hidden rivets and a red tab was added. From the size and the number of front buttons, it might be a youth version of 503XX (the model number is 503XXB in 1937). The date of manufacture is between 1937 and before World War II, but it is not possible to specify what year. There is almost no color residue and it must be said that the condition is quite bad, but since it is often worn with a belt, the cinch back is cut off in many cases, but the one introduced here still has the cinch back.

The silhouette is similar to that of the 1922 model. Thick straight that falls straight towards the hem. It remains.

The silhouette is similar to that of the 1922 model. Thick straight that falls straight towards the hem. It remains.

back pocket

Slightly vertical back pocket. The damage is quite noticeable.

red tab

The red tab, which were not yet attached to the 1922 model, is attached,but already torn.

conceal rivet

The "o" in "Co" is a lowercase rivet. There was no magnet reaction, and it appears to be made of copper. Unlike those from the Great War model onwards, the same front pocket and crotch rivets are used as the rivet back.

back cinch

Cinchback of the needle stick. Both ends are riveted together.

back cinch

Hardware engraved with "SOLIDE". The metal fittings are known to be made of iron because they react to magnets. Quite a bit of rust can be seen.

back york

It's sewn over the fabric of the back yoke, which is the opposite of normal. This seems to be the case with some of those of this age.

belt loop

The belt loops are attached to the seams. Light ounce fabric was used for the 1922 model, but for the 1937 model it is the same fabric as the body.

top button

It is a clearly engraved iron button, with some rust showing through.

front button

Three, including the top button, which I'm guessing is 503B.

fly button

Clearly engraved iron buttons, as well as the top button. There is some rust on the button legs.

top button (back)

Domed, unmarked top button back. A V-stitch is visible underneath.


The lower end has been treated with a cutout.

crotch rivet

There are still crotch beds that have been discontinued since the WWII model. All rivets, including inseam rivets, are stamped with a lowercase "o".

coin pocket

The selvedge part is used.

outseam, selvedge

The hem seems to have been re-sewn with the fabric repaired, so I'm not sure what the original would have looked like. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the ears have a faint pink color.


A mixture of longitudinal and grain falls of varying lengths. The thickness of the fabric does not seem to have changed much compared to the 1922 model.

size waist
seat front rize back rize thigh inseam opening total length
- 27 38 11.5 14 11 27.5 8 38