Osh Kosh B'gosh Collarless Chore Jacket (1950s)

A coverall made by Osh Kosh, believed to be from the 1950s. Collar-less, same as the WWII era engineer jacket. It could be as well, but the pockets and hem are the same as the coveralls, so the collarless It was made as a coverall for the It is a piece of clothing that makes you feel that the specifications of workwear at that time were diverse.

The other engineer jacket was more like a vest with long sleeves, but the same collarless jacket with different pockets and hems made it look more like a coverall.
The stitching on the back is triple stitched.


Traces of paper tags. No pieces remain, probably due to paper.


Oshkosh's familiar pivoting button.
oshkosh_chorejacket_front pocket

front pocket

Like the coveralls, it has two large pockets attached to the bottom two.


It has a small pivoting button. There are two button holes and the thickness of the sleeve tip can be adjusted. The buttons are not hidden like the other engineer jacket.


A light ounce 2×1 fabric with a strong blue tint and a lot of fine vertical drop running through it. There is also quite a bit of neps.