Osh Kosh B'gosh? Engineer Jacket (WWII)

Donut buttons are used, double stitching instead of triple stitching, and four pockets. The specifications, such as two instead of three, suggest that the engineers were manufactured during the World War II period. Jacket. The brand is not exactly known due to the missing tag, but the stitching color, pocket shape, and Based on the shape and size of the stitching on the tag marks and the specifications of the sleeve tips, there is almost no doubt that it is from Oshkosh There is likely to be none.

This silhouette is short in length and narrow in width. It looks like a vest with long sleeves, so it seems to me that the vest is designed for ease of movement.
It's a little hard to see in the photo, but the stitching on the back is double stitched, not triple stitched.


The outerwear seemed to have paper tags on them at the time, and I can hardly find any that remain. It seems to be. This tag has been completely removed, and not even a piece of it remains.


Laurel donut buttons
engineerjacket_front pockets

front pockets

The two pockets are in the chest area. Oshkosh's engineer jacket has been featured in magazines, but it has two There were two more pockets attached underneath the pockets. They may have been removed due to conservation of supplies during the Great War.


The sleeve tips are unique in that they are wing-tailored to hide the metal buttons. This may have been done in order to prevent the metal buttons from hitting or damaging anything in the sleeve. The engineer's jacket of Oshkosh has this kind of specification. It does not seem to be used for coveralls.


袖This is a picture of opening the tip. As expected, a laurel donut button is used.


Bright blue light ounce light weight fabric. It has a strong slubby feel.