LEVI'S 70505-0217 (BIG E)

The Levi's 70505 appeared as a successor to the LEVI'S 557, and from the red tabs on the BIG E, we can assume that it was manufactured in the late 1960s or early 1970s. The basic design of the jacket is the same as the 557, and it is established as the basic design of the denim jacket designed by Levi's. The difference from the 557 is that the length is longer and it is said that there are differences from the 557 in other details, but it is difficult to distinguish the transitional one.

It is longer in length than the LEVI'S 557, but other than that, there is no change in appearance.
LEVI'S70505BIGE_paper patch

paper patch

The 70505 has a horizontal patch, but unfortunately this one has no patch left.
LEVI'S70505BIGE_red tab

red tab

BIG "E" tabs on both sides, the thickness of "V" is uneven on both sides.


Pocket with a pentagonal flap. This one has double stitching on the pockets in a combination of orange and yellow, although most 70505s seem to have only orange.
LEVI'S70505BIGE_flap (back)

flap (back)

It is made of the same fabric as the front, not a light ounce of fabric. The upper edge of the pocket with the flap open was double stitched on the 557, but on the 70505 it was changed to a single black stitch, and the color of the cannubis on both ends of the pocket is also black.
LEVI'S70505BIGE_top button

top button

Like the 557, the buttons are made of copper-plated iron.
LEVI'S70505BIGE_placket, back of button

placket, back of button

There are no selvedges on the back of the placket. The back of the button in the photo is hard to read, but if you look at the other buttons, there is an engraving of "52".
LEVI'S507XX_adjuster button

adjuster button

The button adjustment at the waist is a detail that continues from the 507. The thickness of the belt is. It is uniform to the tip.


The making of the sleeves is unchanged from the 557.


As a method of discriminating between 557 and 70505, it is said that the interval of the valley of V is narrow in 557 and the interval is wide in 70505, but the interval is narrow in this 70505 although it is said that the interval of the valley of V is narrow in 557 and the lower end of the part which has become V-shaped under the front yoke is 557. Personally, I think it is largely due to individual differences, because there are some narrowly spaced ones in other 70505.


The color is lush, but appears to be slightly muddy in color compared to the fabric of the 557. There is a vertical drop, but the slab feeling and the nep feeling are not so much felt.