WRANGLER 11MWB (late 1940s)

 This was the first Wrangler model that went through the prototype model and was released as a production version. The "W" of the "WRANGLER" logo on the inner tag is characterized by the rope winding inside. In the production version, the back pocket stitching has been changed from the arcuate stitching in the prototype to the familiar "W" stitching in the production version.

It looks slender compared to the prototype, but it only looks that way because of its long length, and it doesn't change its thickness.
There are seven belt loops, the same as the earlier model.
Wrangler11MWB_back pocket

back pocket

The specifications of the pockets are the same as those carried over to the present. It is worn out, but you can see the "W" mark on the stitching. Patch marks are also visible in the upper part of the pocket. Riveting at the top two pockets.
Wrangler11MWB_inner tag

inner tag

The inner tag is an embroidery tag." You can see that the upper part of the "W" is wrapped inward. The bell mark is an unskewed vertical bell.
Wrangler11MWB_top button

top button

Engraved button with "Wrangler". It's no different from later models.
Wrangler11MWB_front button

front button

There are four buttons, including the top button.
Wrangler11MWB_fly button

fly button

As with the earlier and later models, the fly button is unmarked.
Wrangler11MWB_top button (back)

top button (back)

Rounded top button back." It is engraved with "A4".


The rivets are not protruding like the earlier model.
Wrangler11MWB_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

The riveted underside uses a projection in the middle that was common on early wrangler jeans.
Wrangler11MWB_belt loop

belt loop

The belt loop at the back center is an offset belt loop. It is attached with a thicker one, 1.4 cm wide.
Wrangler11MWB_coin pocket

coin pocket

The rivets are fastened in two places, and the top edge is cannulated only.


It's a double-stitched, rolled-up stitch with no selvedges used. Chain stitching at the hem.


This is a left-handed twill fabric with a lot of long vertical drop, very typical of a wrangler. Although there should not be much difference in the production period, the fabric appears to be more maturely faded compared to the prototype fabric.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W29/L32 29 39.5 11 14.5 11.5 31.5 8 41.5