WRANGLER 11MW Prototype Model (late 1940s)

This model was manufactured as a prototype before the launch of the Wrangler brand jeans. According to some magazines, there are two types of prototypes, one is the early type and the other is the late type, but it seems to be the early type that is shown here. The back pocket is stitched with an arcuate stitch instead of a W shape, and there is no trace of the product tag on it.
It's pretty thick and falls straight.
There are seven belt loops.
Wrangler11MWProto_back pocket

back pocket

Deeper arcuate stitching has been added, though it is hard to see because the stitching is worn. There is also a mark on the upper part of the pocket, which was probably patched. The top of the pocket is riveted in two places, and this specification will be carried over to the product.
Wrangler11MWProto_top button

top button

It's engraved with "WRANGLER", but not in rope letters like the later ones.

fly button

Unmarked fly button


The proportional fly section is separated by a single buttonhole stitched together.
Wrangler11MWProto_top button (back)

top button (back)

Unmarked with rounded top button back.


As with later wrangler jeans, the rivets were used without protrusions.
Wrangler11MWProto_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

This is also the same as the 1950's product version of the Lang Langley Jeans with a riveted back with a bulging center section.
Wrangler11MWProto_belt loop

belt loop

The belt loop at the back center is an offset belt loop. Levi's installed a belt loop to match the center seam in the late 1940s and moved to an offset belt loop in the early '50s, but the Wrangler would have incorporated the offset belt loop a little earlier.
Wrangler11MWProto_coin pocket

coin pocket

The fabric is used at an angle, which is interesting, but the way of making the coin pocket itself is similar to the later Wrangler.


Double-stitched rollover stitch, although the thread is frayed and hard to see. In the photo, the hem has a chain stitch, but there is no damage to the sewing thread, so it is not the original.


Left twill fabric. The color is slightly darker and appears to be slightly less blue than later wrangler jeans.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
- 29.5 41 11.5 15 12 28.5 8.5 38