LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)

This is a Levi's 701, and each detail suggests that it was made at the same time as the 501XX with a paper patch with "EVERY GARMENT GUARANTEED". The red selvedges are not visible at the hem, but the details, including the hidden rivets, are unchanged from the 501XX. The fabric is still a lighter ounce than the 501XX's, but it's stiffer and a little firmer than the 1sided tab 701.

LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_front
The silhouette is deeper in the inseam than the 501XX, but much shallower than the 1sided tab 701, making it easier for men to wear.
LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_back
The hip size is considerably more toned down than the 1sided tab 701, which is on par with the regular men's version. ed tab)
LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_back pocket

back pocket

A back pocket that appears to be a little too wide. Only the arcuate stitch is a yellow stitch, and its shape is balanced differently on the left and right.
LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_red tab

red tab

Even V double-sided tabs.
LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_patch


A hemp patch was used on the 701, but it cannot be confirmed because the patch is missing. The stitches have also been taken away.
LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_belt loop

belt loop

It has the same offset belt loop as the 501XX of the same period.
LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_conceal rivet

conceal rivet

It has the same hidden rivets as the 501XX. It is made of copper-plated iron and stamped with "15" like the one on the 1sided tab 701.
LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_top button

top button

Made of plated iron with a central bulge, lemon yellow rustproofing, V-stitching on the side of the buttons, all the same as the 1sided tab 701.
LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_zipper


LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_top button (back)

top button (back)

The one with a single-sided tab was not stamped, but this one is stamped with the same "15" as the hidden rivet.
LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_リベット


The one with a single-sided tab was made of copper, but this one is made of copper-plated iron.
LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

It is likely to be made of copper-plated iron due to the reaction of the magnet.
LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_coin pocketト

coin pocket

The fabric of the pockets is used vertically and the opposite fabric is used horizontally. The back is stitched with a single stitch.
LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_outseam


Side split stitching with locking treatment as seen on 501s after the abolition of selvedge. The hem is a chain stitch with an orange upper thread and yellow lower thread.
LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_fabric


The part with the most color remaining. Instead of a poor sense of vertical drop, the point drop is noticeable. Many nips are also present.
LEVI'S 701 (double side red tab)_生地


This is the most faded area, but there are noticeable areas of fading with lines and spots in the overall fading. This one has a strong vintage feel to it.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
- 27 42 14 15.5 12 30.5 8.5 43.5