LEVI'S 701 (double sides red tab)

Levi's 701, women's five-pocket jeans; like the 501, the Levi's 701 also used offset-beltloops from the mid-1950s, but the ones shown here are not offset, so they are assumed to date from around 1953 or 4.

LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab
Dead stock with flasher; 701s without XX fabric do not come with original guarantee ticket.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_front
The characteristic silhouette has a deep crotch, a large bulge from the hip area to the thigh, and a straight drop from the knee down. The silhouette is quite different from the 501s of the time, even though it is thicker and straighter.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_back
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)patch


Hemp cloth patches are used instead of leather. Most of the used ones are missing due to lack of durability, but this one is still there because it is a dead one. There are also variations in hip sizes, and another feature of the 701 is that the size is indicated on the patch.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_tag


Below the patch is an oiled cloth tag. Although there is no guarantee ticket attached, the tag states "A new pair free if they rip," indicating that the 701 was also guaranteed to be of high quality.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_flasher


Same as used on the 504ZXX with leather patches. The hue is closer to pink.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_backpocket


Slightly vertical back pockets. Only the upper part of the pocket has orange stitching, the rest has yellow stitching.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_red tab

red tab

It is a double-sided tab.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_beltloop

beltloop (center)

前述のとおり、縫い目に重ねて付けられており、オフセットベルトループになっていない。同じ両面タブの付いた701でもオフセットベルトループになっているものもあることから、これは、やや古いものではないかと推察される。As noted above, it is attached over the seam and is not an offset-beltloop. Given that some 701 with the same double-sided tabs also have offset-beltloops, one might surmise that this is a somewhat older version.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_concealed rivet


Copper-plated iron rivets, stamped "18".
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_top button

top button

Plated iron buttons, probably the same as those used on the 501.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_zipper


A single pawl zipper made by CONMAR is used. The zipper is very long due to the deep crotch.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_トップボタン裏

top button (back)

The back of the button is flat with no engraving. The edge of the waist belt is V-stitched.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_rivet


Rivets that appear to be made of copper-plated iron.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

Made of copper-plated iron as on the front.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_coinpocket


The fabric is used vertically for the coin pocket and horizontally for the other side.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_coinpocket (back)

coinpocket (back)

It is sewn with a single stitch. Since the fabric is used vertically, the ears do not show.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_sleek


It is stamped with a number, but the meaning is unknown.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

It has wide pink selvedge. The hem has orange stitching on the upper thread and yellow stitching on the lower thread.
LEVI'S701(doubleside red tab)_fabric


Thinner than 501 XX fabric. Slightly bluish. The slub feel is not very strong, and not much nep is seen. Because of the thinness of the fabric, it is characterized by a stronger drape than the 501 XX fabric when actually worn.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W29/L32/H42 30.5 45.5 14 16.5 13 32 9 45.5