LEVI'S 701 (1 side red tab)

It is a Levi's women's model, 701, which was probably made around the same time the 501xx with leather patch/single-sided tab was made. The fabric and silhouette are very different from the 501, but the specifications are the same as the 501XX of the same period. The roundness of the waist is thought to be for women, but the silhouette itself is very outlandish. The fabric is a lighter ounce than the 501XX, but the best part is how soft the fabric is.

It has a deeper inseam than the men's, but goes well with short denim jackets and is surprisingly useful for men to wear, even though it is a women's item.
The size of the hips is extremely large.

back pocket

Back pocket on the near-square side. They are all yellow stitched. The yarn is starting to break because of the cotton yarn.

red tab

Single-sided tab with the word "LEVI'S" embroidered on one side only.


A hemp patch was used on the 701, but it cannot be confirmed because the patch is missing.


Like the 501 single-sided tab, it is attached to the back center seam. The width is narrow at 0.47 inch (1.2cm).

conceal rivet

It has the same hidden rivets as the 501XX. Made of copper-plated iron. It is stamped "15".
LEVI'S701_1side_top button

top button

It is made of plated iron and has a bulge in the center. Also seen is a lemon yellow rust inhibitor. V-stitching on the button side.


701 at this time was a zip fly, not a button fly. The zipper is made by COMMAR.

top button (back)

The hidden rivets were stamped, but there was no stamp on the back of the top button.


All of the rivets had no magnetic response, so we can assume that they were made of copper. Also, the engraving is in large letters.

rivet (back)

After all, there was no reaction of the magnet, so we can assume that it was made of copper. There is no rust on the rake.

side stitch

Like the single-sided tab 501XX (503BXX), this is a very long side stitch, about 9.6 inch (24.5 cm).

coin pocket

The same as 501XX, the ear part is used. The fabric is used horizontally for both the coin pocket and the other cloth.

outseam, selvedge

There are two faintly blue lines.


The fabric in the area where the color of the hem remains dark. I think you can see the slab and nep feel well in the photos.


This is the faded part of the thigh, which is different from XX, but similar in fading due to the same age. However, there is not much evidence of thick threads remaining as seen in the XX.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
- 27 42 14 15.5 12 30.5 8.5 43.5