LEVI'S 606 (BIG E)

606 is one of Levi's most iconic slim models, and we're going to show you the orange tab model made in the simplified production line LINE8. The details are similar to those of the Levi's 646, but the Levi's 646 is made of a fabric that is immediately recognizable as a light ounce, while the Levi's 646 is made of a slightly heavier fabric.

You can see from the photo that he is quite thin. Skinny jeans and other slender jeans that are often seen these days are low-rise, but 606 has a much deeper inseam.
There is no paper patch and no sign of it.
LEVI'S606(BIGE)_back pocket

back pocket

Vertical back pocket. The arcuate stitching is at the bottom, and the balance between the left and right sides is a little uneven.
LEVI'S606(BIGE)_back pocket (back)

back pocket (back)

This is a model of BIG E, but it has a chain stitch instead of a single stitch.
LEVI'S606(BIGE)_orange tab

orange tab

In the BIG E orange tab, the letter "V" is an even V.
LEVI'S606(BIGE)_top button

top button

There is a magnetic reaction, which makes it appear to be a copper-plated iron button. The front button side is parallel stitched with black thread.



Talon 42 has been used.

top button (back)

The engraving is "4". The top of the waist belt is chain stitched.


The same orange tab 646 has no coin pocket, but this one has a coin pocket. However, the rivets were not struck.
LEVI'S606(BIGE)_coin pocket (back)

coin pocket (back)

The back of the coin pocket is chain-stitched.


It is thinly stamped "818 22".


Not only is the inseam double stitched, but the outseam is also double stitched. The hem is a chain stitch, and I think it's safe to assume that it has not been cut based on the coloration of the stitching and the large misalignment of the seams.


The fabric has a strong blue tint. The fabric is not as thin as the Red Tab 501 and others. Small neps are scattered.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
- 28 34.5 11 14 10 28.5 6.5 38