Levi's 505 (Nov 1987)

Levi's 505, believed to be made in 1987, with different treatment of flashers, paper patches and outseams from those made in September 1981 and November 1985. It is very interesting that the specification is different like this even at the same time American-made 505.

The belt loops and paper patches are fairly centered.
The silhouette is as thin and straight as ever.
Levi's505(1987.11)_papaer patch

papaer patch

The CARE stamp has been changed to print in red. There is no tear-off tag.
Levi's505(1987.11)_flasher, guarantee ticket

flasher, guarantee ticket

The flasher and the guarantee ticket are combined into one, and the design is simple. At the top of the guarantee ticket is "FOR OVER 135 YEARS", which adds 5 years to the previous year's production. The year of copyright acquisition written in the lower left-hand corner is 1987.


Tags with barcodes.
Levi's505(1987.11)_inner tag

inner tag

There is no mention of shrinkage.
Levi's505(1987.11)_inner tag

inner tag

The number "117" at the end of the line suggests that it was made in November 1987.
Levi's505(1987.11)_back pocket

back pocket

A near-square-shaped back pocket with a fairly shallow arcuate stitching angle.
Levi's505(1987.11)_back pocket (back)

_back pocket (back)

It is sewn with chain stitch.
Levi's505(1987.11)_red tab

red tab

Small e double sided embroidery tabs with an uneven "V".
Levi's505(1987.11)_top button

top button

Copper-plated iron buttons. The top button side is parallel stitched, but with a thread the same color as the fabric.


Zipper with Bad Wing Levi's logo engraved
Levi's505(1987.11)_top button (back)

top button (back)

It's marked "513".


Copper-plated iron rivets


The ones made in September 1981 and the one made in November 1985 were side split, but they were changed to locks.


As far as the fabric is concerned, it is no different from the one made in September 1981 and the one made in November 1985.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L32 28.5 37 11 14.5 10.5 32.5 7 41.5