Levi's 501 (Mar 1984)

This is a 501 manufactured in 1984 after the abolition of selvedge denim, but the specifications and the appearance of the fabric have changed even more compared to the one manufactured in 1982. The design of the flasher was also significantly changed, with the words "501" now appearing in a larger font instead of "Levi's." Whether this is a sign that "501" = "Levi's" is fully established or a sign that non-501 Levi's products have become a major brand, there are different views.

The paper patch has a tear-off tag from model 66 onwards, but the design of the flasher has changed.
The silhouette itself is unchanged from the 1982 model, though it looks quite thin due to the long length.
Levi's501(1984.3)_paper patch

paper patch

Paper patch with tear-off tabs with Care stamp. It has not hardened and remains clean.


The Levi's logo has changed to a 501. It's the same as the 1982 model, with the center section indicating how to choose a waist and length size. The year of copyright acquisition is 1984.
Levi's501(1984.3)_guarantee ticket

guarantee ticket

The notation "FOR OVER 130 YEARS" and the copyright year 1966 guarantee ticket are still used.
Levi's501(1984.3)_inner tag

inner tag

The contraction rate remains unchanged at 10%.
Levi's501(1984.3)_inner tag

inner tag

The number "3 84653" indicates that it was made in March 1984 at Factory 653.
Levi's501(1984.3)_back pocket

back pocket

Near-square-shaped back pocket. The angle of the arcuate stitch is moderate, with a slight uneven balance between the left and right sides.
Levi's501(1984.3)_red tab

red tab

At one time it was a print tab, but it's back to the double-sided embroidery tab on the SMALL E." The letter "V" is an unequal "V".
Levi's501(1984.3)_bar tack

bar tack

The color of bar tacks stitching has changed from black to white.
Levi's501(1984.3)_top button

top button

Plated iron buttons with parallel stitching across the top button.
Levi's501(1984.3)_front button

front button

There are three numbers, not counting the top button.
Levi's501(1984.3)_fly button

fly button

Button that is not a foot long R with a pitter-patter between the letters. There is no change from the preceding and following.
Levi's501(1984.3)_top button (back)

top button (back)

No engraving. The top of the waist belt is chain stitched.


Copper-plated iron rivets
Levi's501(1984.3)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

made of aluminum


It's reinforced with a bar tack.


Stitched with a white thread with a lock and then sewn with a side split stitch. The hem is chain stitched.


I don't feel any change from the 1982 one.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L36 29 38.5 11 13.5 10.5 35.5 7.5 45.5