LEE COWBOY PANTS (early 1940s)

 This is a pair of Lee cowboy pants with "LEE COWBOY" engraved on the top button, but the light ounce fabric, deep inseam, and lack of inseam rivets suggest that this is a women's model. The embroidery on the tag is frayed, but the barely discernible marks suggest that it may be from the early 40's.

It's a pretty thick silhouette, but it tapers gently toward the hem. Also, the inseam is deep. The color has faded considerably, so "HIGE" are not very noticeable.


The embroidery thread is so worn that most of the letters are not recognizable in the photograph, but the "e" appears to be slanted (so-called rolling e) from the embroidery marks, so we can assume that it was made in the early 1940s.
LeeCowboyPants_back pocket

back pocket

The small back pocket has a lazy S stitching on it.
LeeCowboyPants_top button

top button

"Lee COWBOY" engraved donut button.
LeeCowboyPants_front button

front button

It's a button fly and has three buttons except for the top button.
LeeCowboyPants_fly button

fly button

Unmarked donut button.
LeeCowboyPants_top button (back)

top button (back)

The back of the top button is dome-shaped and has no engraving.


Engraved rivets with "LEE". There was no magnet response and it appears to be made entirely of copper.
LeeCowboyPants_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

The back of the rivet is flat. After all, there was no reaction of the magnet, and it seems to be made entirely of copper.
LeeCowboyPants_coin pocket

coin pocket

They appear to be women's pants, but they do have coin pockets. The riveting is only on the left.


If it's cowboy pants, it's usually riveted, but it's fastened with cannukis. One of the reasons why it is speculated that it is not meant for ladies.


He has white ears. The hem is single stitched, but it is sewn with cotton thread and worn in some parts, so it may be original or hemmed when it was made.


A photo of the most coloured area near the hem. This is a light ounce 3×1 right twill fabric with a fairly soft texture. Fine longitudinal drops are scattered.


Here's a picture of the knee area where the color is fading the most Very little color remains, but most warp threads are long and warp-falling.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
- 27 39.5 13.5 16 14.5 28.5 8.3 41