LEE 11W (1940s)

This is a pair of Lee's painter's pants with a light ounce of fabric and a button fly, part number 11W and a house mark tag suggesting they are from the 1940s. It has a very thick silhouette and a distinct fading of shades, and there are many paint marks, suggesting that it was worn quite hard as actual workwear.

Very thick and straight. The inseam is also quite deep. On the other hand, the color of the knee area has fallen off considerably, but the color of indigo remains considerably darker from the knee down. "HIGE" is also clearly showing.


It is a house mark tag, but the letter "e" is not slanted, so it seems to be a relatively old model.


Stitched straight to the side in the center of the pocket, although worn and worn away. It's not a decorative one, and the back has a reinforcement cloth sewn into the bottom half.
Lee11W_top button

top button

A long L top button with a long side below the letter "L".。

Lee11W_front button

front button

It's a button fly with four buttons in the fly section. Deep inseam means wide button spacing.


Donut button with the engraving of "LEE".
Lee11W_coin pocket

coin pocket

Although they are painter's pants, the right pocket is equipped with a coin pocket.
Lee11W_tool pocket

tool pocket

Dual tool pockets on the right thigh.


The hem was badly torn, so it was re-stitched with chain stitch over the repair. It was also stitched with chain stitch at the time of purchase, but I'm not sure if it was the original one or not.


2×1 light ounce fabric. The photo shows the darkest part of the color below the knee. Slightly more bluish/reddish with prominent nips. Maybe it's because of the areas where the color is still there, but when you touch it, the slab feeling is also strong.


The photo shows the part of the knee that is fading the most. A slight vertical drop is noticeable.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
- 29.5 39 13 15 12.5 28 10 38.5