WAREHOUSE 1000XX (Dead Stock Blue)

 The 1000XX is made of deadstock blue fabric released by WAREHOUSE in the fall of 2020.According to the manufacturer's website, the 1000XX is based on the so-called 1946 Levi's 501XX model which had thick belt loops, long side stitching, cut-off crotch wings, and other details.

WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue
It does not have a flasher, but instead has a sticker showing the detail features.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_front
The silhouette is straight and not tapered from the knees down.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_back
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_パpatch

leather patch

The later sticker is a patch that says deerskin.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_sticker


A deerskin patch, rayon tabs, and other details are included with a sticker that describes the features of each detail.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_back pocket

back pocket

Stitching on the back pockets using a combination of arcuate and reverse arcuate stitching. The stitching around the pockets is slightly messy, which is probably intentional.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_tab


The so-called faded tab on the left side of the right back pocket. This may have been an idea because red tabs could not be added due to trademark issues.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_side stitch

side stitch

The side stitching is long because of the motif of the early Levi's with one side tab.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_beltloop


One side tabs are thicker (14mm), and the middle part is raised. The middle part is heaped up, which is a detail seen on vintage Levi's at that time, but it is much more emphasized than the vintage one.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_conceal rivet

conceal rivet

Concealed rivet with rounded edges, stamped "WH & CO KK".
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_top button

top button

It seems to be made of plated iron because of the magnet attached to it. The color is not as white as the top button on the single-sided tab, but is slightly more silvery. The neck is made of copper, although it is not clear from the photo.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_front button

front button

Including the top button, there are four buttons. A 28-inch single-sided tab, the same as the one shown here, would have three, but I suppose this was done to meet the needs of users.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_fly button

fly button

The top button and texture are the same.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_top button (back)

top button (back)

There is no engraving on the back of the button. V-shaped stitching next to the button. The tabs are domed, as seen in the single-sided tabs of the Great War and early years.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_rivet


The rivets are stamped with "WH & CO KK" as well as the hidden rivets. As shown on the sticker, the rivets are made of iron (copper-plated), so they react to magnets.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

The back side also reacts to the magnet, indicating that it is made of iron.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_coin pocket (back)

coin pocket (back)

The fabric of the coin pocket is used horizontally, and the ears are used. The fabric of the other side is used horizontally. This is a detail that is often seen on single-sided tabs.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_crotch


There is no cane pin, only an inverted U-shaped reinforcement. The thickness of the thread is the same as that of the vintage of the same era.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_crotch (back)

crotch (back)

Back side of the crotch part. In keeping with the transitional detail between the Great War model and the single-sided tab, the lower edge is treated with a cutout.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

The ears have been reproduced with faded red ears. The hem is yellow stitched on both the upper and lower threads, following the so-called all-yellow single-sided tab.
WAREHOUSE 1000XX_Dead Stock Blue_fabric


The color is a bit grayish, and the color is quite dark. The slub feeling is quite strong and quite sparse, and it seems to have a unique texture rather than being close to vintage. On the other hand, there is not much nep.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W28/L32 30.5 41.5 12 15.5 11 34 8.5 46