PENNY'S FOREMOST Denim Jacket (1960s)

Penny's Foremost denim jacket from the 1960's. It has four pockets, two on the chest and two on the sides. Previous PENNY'S FOREMOST denim jackets have been Levi's first The design was reminiscent of the model, but this jacket, manufactured in the 60's, was It is designed to resemble that of the Wrangler. It's a common jacket in thrift stores, and while it's not a major brand, there are quite a few It is likely that it was widespread.

PENNY'S FOREMOST Denim Jacket_front
It's very similar to the Wrangler 24mj in terms of pocket placement and stitching around the side pockets, but differs in that it has a front pleat.
PENNY'S FOREMOST Denim Jacket_back
The back has two turnouts on either side, like a Levi's tracker.
PENNY'S FOREMOST Denim Jacket_patch


It comes with a PVC patch. A warning: "Avoid hot iron on this label".
PENNY'S FOREMOST Denim Jacket_button


Snap button and stamped "J.C.P. CO FOREMOST".
PENNY'S FOREMOST Denim Jacket_front pocket

front pocket

A flap pocket with a pen holder.
PENNY'S FOREMOST Denim Jacket_cuff


The tips of the sleeves are of a standard construction, and are reinforced with a bar tack.
PENNY'S FOREMOST Denim Jacket_fabric


At 3×1, the fabric feels slightly thin in thickness, but can be described as almost moderately thick. Blue tint or very strong. There is not much of a white field showing yet, but as the color fades a bit more, a long vertical drop is expected to appear.