LEVI'S 506XX (1947 - 1952)

 Levi's First Type Jacket 506XX, manufactured after World War II . The flaps of the pockets have been restored and the number of front buttons has been restored to the pre-WWII details. It's back to five instead of the four from the period. However, the front buttons and the square stitching on the pleats are now at the same height. Some details are different from the pre-war ones, such as the cinch-back hardware being replaced with needleless ones.

The three rectangular stitches on the front pleats and the buttons are at the same height as the three rectangular stitching on the front pleats, which identifies it as post-war in origin.


Flapped pocket. The bottom edge of the flap has a gentle curve to it.


Like the pre-war ones, the back of the flap is a light ounce 2×1 fabric.
LEVI'S506XX(1946)_red tab

red tab

A single-sided tab with embroidery on the surface only.
LEVI'S506XX(1946)_front button

front button

Generally speaking, this one seems to have the same silver buttons as the 501XX, but this one has The buttons are made of iron with a plating that looks like copper plating. It seems to be a rare occurrence.
LEVI'S506XX(1946)_front button (back), selvedge

front button (back), selvedge

The part of selvedge is used for the front. Also, the back of the buttons are domed.
LEVI'S506XX(1946)_back cinch

back cinch

The cinch bag on the back is reinforced at both ends with rivets. This specification has not changed since the pre-war period.
LEVI'S506XX(1946)_back cinch

back cinch

They have been replaced with needleless fittings.


The letter "O" is capitalized in the middle.


The fading is a little more subdued than in the pre-war period and in the war period, and the colors are more bluish.