LEE Storm Rider Ranch Jacket (1970s)

A jacket by Lee that looks to be from the 1970s. It has a "STORM RIDER" tag, but it has no lining or other thermal protection. It is a strange jacket. The length is reminiscent of the safari jackets of the time, but with a wider body and a narrower waist. The fact that there is no such thing, and the "STORM RIDER" tag on the product indicates that it is a product for pastoralists.

Unlike typical coveralls, it has a front yoke like a western shirt, and both sides From there down, the design is reminiscent of the 101-J. The front also has the same zigzag stitching as the 101-J. However, there are no chest pockets, and two pockets are added at the left and right waist.
The back also has a bowed yoke, giving it a strong western style feel.


This is the familiar Stormrider tag, not different from the one on the 101-LJ. From the notation, it appears to be from the 70's.


"The "Lee Riders" button, which is different from the buttons on other Lee products, is None. Zigzag stitching on front.
Lee_stormrider_ranchjacket_front pocket

front pocket

It has a large pocket with a flap at the bottom.


There is only one button on the cuff section and the thickness of the sleeve tips cannot be adjusted.


It's a left twill fabric, and I'm guessing it's the same thickness as the one used for a regular denim jacket. It seems. Therefore, the fabric is thicker than a typical coverall. However, it is doubtful if it works well enough as an outer layer for winter protection. The color is a bit bluish. The vertical drop is not very noticeable.