HEAD LIGHT (2 Pocket Denim Jacket)

Jacket in bad-dye denim by the famous workwear brand HEAD LIGHT HEADLIGHT has a lot of items like coveralls and overalls, but it's not the only one. What we have here is a G-jean type of thing, albeit with two pockets, but with a Levi's Unlike the second type, the pockets like the third type are attached to the inverted c It is distinctive. The date of manufacture is not known, but based on the design, a third model of Levi's was introduced I'm guessing it's from the mid-1960s onwards.

The two pockets on the chest area are attached at a slight angle. The stitching is bright orange, which is an interesting combination with the duller shade of bad-dye denim.
The back has a simple design and no side adjuster at the waist.


A tag with a logo that appears to represent a light. This is different from the tags often seen on coveralls.


Logo engraved buttons. Front, pockets and cuffs are all the same.
HEADLIGHT_front pocket

front pocket

It was designed to have a third pocket on the body of the second.
HEADLIGHT_front pocket

front pocket

Flap pocket with central pleat.


The tips of the sleeves are simple and there are no buttons for adjustment.


Made of bad-dye denim with a faded purple hue. There is not much slub, but there are some neps in places.