Gus Kroesen Pull-Over Jacket

This is s pullover jacket made by Gus Kroesen, known as a manufacturer that supplied clothing to the U.S. Navy. To the author's knowledge, the basic information such as the date of manufacture, and whether it was made for the purpose of supplying the military or civilian products, etc. Even the pattern of the event is not well understood in many places. The sailor collar and corded placket are typical Navy details. In addition, it is also seen in other US Navy jackets, but the fabric is basically used in the horizontal use, and the color fading is not visible. If you do, you'll see a horizontal rather than vertical drop.

The collar is wide open, and the collar is fixed with a string.
The distinctive collar when viewed from behind is clearly recognizable as a sailor collar. The back of the body is simply a single piece of cloth.


An embroidered tag with the brand name and the words Honolulu, San Francisco, and Seattle. There is no mention of trademark registration, so we can assume that it is from before the 1940s. It is not possible to determine the age of the site with any degree of certainty.


It has a fairly open collar and a cord closure.


Three pockets on the left chest and both sides.
guskroesen_pulloverjacket_pocket (back)

pocket (back)

All three pockets have selvedges used on the back side.
guskroesen_pulloverjacket_placket (back)

placket (back)

The back side of the front is also used for the selvedge.
guskroesen_pulloverjacket_cuff (back)

cuff (back)

A picture of the back of the sleeve tip. The seslvedge is still used.
guskroesen_pulloverjacket_hem (back)

hem (back)

The selvedge is used. All of this is possible because of the horizontal use of fabric.


Light ounce 2×1 fabric. Strong in both slubby and nappy feel. Some distinct weave flaws as seen in the photos. Deep indigo with a slight darker hue.