Dickies Denim Jacket (1950s)

A denim jacket manufactured in the 1950s by Dickey's, now a popular street brand, with two pockets and a so-called "second type" design.

Dickies Denimjacket_front
Just like the second model of Levi's, the design has two pockets on the chest. It can be seen that this design was the mainstream of denim jackets at the time.
Dickies Denimjacket_back
Dickies Denimjacket_tag


A bright red embroidered tag is attached to the collar. The logo is unchanged from the current one.
Dickies Denimjacket_pocket


A pocket attached to the chest. There are decorative stitches on the lower left and right sides, but the color between the stitches has been raised.
Dickies Denimjacket_button


The buttons are not unique to the brand, but general purpose buttons are used.
Dickies Denimjacket_side adjuster

side adjuster

Adjuster at the waist on both sides like Levi's second. The adjuster section is not a metal button, but a black plastic button.
Dickies Denimjacket_cuff


The sleeves are not reinforced with bar tack or rivets.
Dickies Denimjacket_生地


3×1 but slightly light ounce fabric. There is a lot of long and short longitudinal drop, and the bright blue is prominent. There is not a lot of nips and no strong slab feeling due to a certain amount of fading.