WRANGLER 13MWZ (early 1970s)

 This is a 1970s 13MWZ with broken denim, unlike the late 1960s 13MWZ, which used left twill denim. There is no difference in the details, but because the fabric has changed, the feel of the item itself has also changed.

It comes with a flasher, but the gimmie book is already obsolete.
As you can see at first glance, it's pretty thick and straight.


A National Cowboy Champion wearing a Wrangler is shown above, but it goes all the way back to 1970's Larry Mahan, so you can tell it was made after 1970. The bluebell mark is taken from the plapatch.


The pamphlet was in the left back pocket. The article mentions that he has been voted cowboy world champion every year and that he is the most comfortable to ride a horse with an easy fit, even from the top of his boots.


Strong fabric, sturdy zippers, rivets and cannouki reinforcements in all areas under load, heavyweight stitching in the pockets, strong thread use, and numerous belt loops are some of the selling points.


The tag has a number and size on it, and the font has been changed from the 60's one to a plain one.
Wrangler13MWZ_inner tag

inner tag

The bluebell mark is already gone. It also has a laundry tag on top of the tag you see so often.
Wrangler13MWZ_back pocket

back pocket

It is almost a square with a shallow "W" stitching. The "W" crease has crossed stitches.
Wrangler13MWZ_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

A flat type of one is used.
Wrangler13MWZ_top button

top button

Top button with the rope logo


Talon's is used.
Wrangler13MWZ_coin pocket

coin pocket

The left side of the coin pocket is reinforced only by cannubis and not by rivets.


It's being taken care of by the lock sewing machine. Single stitching at the hem.


Over 14oz of broken denim. Even in rigid condition, there are some vertical streaks in some parts, so it is expected to have a vertical drop like this period.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L31 26.5 37.5 10.5 13.5 10 30.5 8.5 40