WRANGLER 11BZX (1957-58)

This is a boys' model of 11MWZ, I think it was made in 1957-58. Although the target age is 14 years old, the waist is 27 inches, and because of the slightly loose silhouette, it can be worn sufficiently by slender Japanese men. Unlike the youth model 11YMZ, the top button is a snap button, which is the specification of a product for children. The familiar gimmie book is included, as is the adult male model.

The flasher, gimmie book, and tags all come with it.
11YMZ was not so thick, but the 11YMZ is a little thicker and straighter.
Like 11YMZ, there are belt loops at the back, in the center and on the left and right. In addition, the center is offset, but the way the left and right are displaced is the opposite of 11YMZ and is shifted to the right.
Wrangler11BXZ_flasher, patch

flasher, patch

A window has been added so that the patch can be seen. Underneath is a Rodeo Champion dating back to 1957, so we can assume that this is a 1957-58 product. The patch is made of plastic and has the bluebell mark on it, but it doesn't have the ○R on it yet.


"REGULAR" means "silhouette". Other markings include zip fly, part number, size, and denim ounce count; 11YMZ was 11 ounces, but the ounce count has gone up a notch.
Wrangler11BXZ_inner tag

inner tag

On the print tag, the bluebell mark is slanted. The patch didn't have the "○R" notation, but it is in the inner tag.
Wrangler11BXZ_gimmie book

gimmie book

It's a gimmie book that's said to be collectible, but unfortunately the back cover has been cut out. Mr. "Deb Copenhaver" on the cover is the 1955/56 champion of the rodeo event called Saddle Bronc.
Wrangler11BXZ_gimmie book

gimmie book

The left page of the book contains an introduction to Blue Bell's products and a warranty on the replacement and return of defective products.
Wrangler11BXZ_back pocket

back pocket

Slightly vertical back pocket. The top is riveted." The "W" stitching is slightly deeper. At first glance, the processing of the parts to be crossed and so on is not very good.
Wrangler11BXZ_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

Plated iron rivets. 11YMZ was copper in color, but has been changed to silver in color. The shape with a convex center remains unchanged.
Wrangler11BXZ_top button

top button

It is a snap button because it is a boys' model. The letters are colored red, which is very cute.


A gripper zipper is used.
Wrangler11BXZ_coin pocket

coin pocket

Only one end is riveted. It seems that the specifications in this area are not unified.


Double stitched rollover stitch. Single stitching at the hem.


This is a left twill fabric with a strong blue tint compared to 11YMZ. Flaws in the weave are mixed in, and the napping is also strong.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L30 27 38 12 13.5 10 30 8 40