WRANGLER 11BZX (late 1950s)

Wrangler boys model 11BZX, the bluebell mark on the tag is diagonal (diagonal bell), so it may be a little later than the same model made in 1957-1958. However, there are no changes in the specifications except for the tags. The "14" on the inner tag indicates that this is a boy's model for 14 years old, but except for the hips, it's made to be large, so it can be worn by skinny men and women. It doesn't have a flasher on it, but it hasn't been watered or worn yet, so it's probably dead stock.

Thick straight.
The number of belt loops is 7. Also, the center belt loop at the back is an offset belt loop that is staggered to the right.
Wrangler11BZX_inner tag

inner tag

Print Tags. There is a notation of "○R" in the center of the size, but there is no notation of "MADE IN U.S.A".

back pocket

Slightly vertical back pocket with deep W stitching.
Wrangler11BZX_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

The center is convex. Plated iron rivets.
Wrangler11BZX_top button

top button

Snap buttons are used for the boys' model. Silver with Wrangler engraved in red letters.


Scoville's is used.
Wrangler11BZX_coin pocket

coin pocket

Compared to the 1957-58 11BZX, the rivet that holds the coin pocket in place remains the same, but the curved stitching inside the coin pocket is gone.


Double stitched rollover stitch with a single stitch at the hem.


Left twill fabric. The color is very bluish. The neps are very noticeable.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
- 27 37.5 12.5 15 10 30.5 8 40.5