WRANGLER 11-0242 (made in Belgium)

The Wrangler made its way into Europe and was being produced in Belgium. The model number on the tag is 11-0242, suggesting that it is a line of 11MWZ, but the details are not known. The "Wrangler" letters are not in Jomon script, so it was probably manufactured in the 1980s.

Starched dead stock with flasher and tag
It is one size slimmer than the American-made ones.


It's hard to tell from the photo, but the flasher looks like a shaky, not-so-good quality copy of the print.


The model number and size are written, but it is also written in centimeters because it is intended for Europe. In addition, "cut" is written as "519", which seems to be the American equivalent of "519DEN".
Wrangler11-0242_inner tag

inner tag

An inner tag attached to the back of the proportioned wing." The letters "Wrangler" are not in the rope script, so it is likely to be a product from the 1980s.
Wrangler11-0242_back pocket

back pocket

The "W" is stitched quite low down.
Wrangler11-0242_top button

top button

Button with the "Wrangler" logo on the block body


YKK zippers are used. It may be hard to find them in American-made jeans from the same period.


American made Wrangler and different rivets." With the engraving of "Wrangler".
Wrangler11-0242_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

Convex riveted back. It is different from the one made in America.


Fold over stitching and hem single stitching is the same. The pitch of the stitching at the hem is quite fine.


Wrangler's familiar Broken Denim. In a rigid state, it has a strong blackness. The slubby feel is hardly felt, and there are no naps or scratches in the weave.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W28/L36 26.5 36 10.5 14.5 9.5 36.5 8 46.5