MARVERICK 44MWZ (late 1970s - 1980s)

The 44MWZ is Maverick's straight model; in fact, it's said to be no different from the 13MWZ Wrangler, and it's "just a normal straight Wrangler" even when you hold it in your hands. From the logo used on each part, it seems to be made in the late 1970s or later.

Dead stock with flasher. If you don't know the design of the flasher, you can't tell it from a Wrangler from a distance.
The Wrangler's broad, thick, straight waist is maintained even though it is a different brand.


Flasher with a window to see the patch. The illustration of a cowboy is drawn and it is written that "MARVERICK 350 DENIM" which is over 14 ounces like 3D75DEN is used. Also, unlike the Wrangler's of the same period, it has the same bluebell mark.


The size is notated even in centimeters.


It's attached to the top of the right back pocket. The typeface was changed from the 3D75DEN one.
MARVERICK44MWZ_inner tag

inner tag

Printed tag attached to the back of the zipper. There are no bluebell marks on this one.
MARVERICK44MWZ_back pocket

back pocket

The "m" stitching from the bottom is the same as on the 3D75DEN, but the pile is higher.
MARVERICK44MWZ_top button

top button

This design has the character "MARVERICK" in a square.


Scoville's is used.
MARVERICK44MWZ_coin pocket

coin pocket

The 3D75DEN did not have rivets on it, but this one does. However, the rivets have rusted and discolored.


The outseam is folded over and the hem is single stitched.


Over 14 ounces of broken denim. It's a pretty bright blue even in its rigid state.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L34 27 36.5 11 14.5 10 34.5 8 45.5