LEVI'S S503XXB (WWII model)

 This is WWII model of Levi's 501 boys and youth model, lot number is 503XXB instead of 503BXX, and "S" of "simplified" is added before it. The rivets on the coin pocket are omitted, and the arcuate stitching on the back pocket is printed instead. The arcuate stitching on the print fades away quickly, and there are few used ones left, but this one still has a faint print as if it had been washed a few times. The fabric is clearly darker than its predecessor in the WWII period. This is relatively early among the Great War era ones, based on the front buttons and rivets, I would guess.

LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_front
The length is a little long, so it's hard to tell when you look at the whole thing, but it's thick and straight. I have a strong impression that the color of the indigo is black rather than dark
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_back
Unfortunately, the leather patch has come off.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_backpocket


Right back pocket. At the edges, the arcuate print is still faintly visible. The stitching around the pockets is quite disorganized, which seems to be WWII model.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_backpocket


Enlarged view of the remaining part of the arcuate print on the right back pocket. The orange print is still there. If you wash it again, it might fall off.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_backpocket


Left back pocket. This one retains the arcuate print throughout.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_redtab


"LEVI'S" embroidered on only one side of the so-called single-sided tab.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_beltloop


The belt loop in the middle of the back is attached to the top of the seam. Thick belt loops, 0.55 inch(1.4 cm) thick.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_concealrivet

conceal rivet

Conceal rivets that are thick and smooth at the edges." Inscribed with "LS&Co-SF-".
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_topbutton


Plated iron top button, with no reinforcement such as V-stitching or parallel stitching.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_frontbutton


It can be identified as a 503XXB by the fact that it has two fly buttons.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_flybutton


Deeply engraved buttons are used.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_topbutton(back)

topbutton (back)

The back of the top button is dome-shaped. There is no engraving on the back of the button.
(WWII model)_rivet


The rivets appear to be copper-plated iron. The "o" in the "co" used on pre-war models is replaced by a lowercase letter.
(WWII model)_rivet(back)

rivet (back)

The back of the rivet appears to be copper-plated iron.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_coinpocket


The rivets on the coin pocket have been omitted to reduce supplies.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_coinpocketback

coinpocket (back)

Stitched in single stitch.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_sidestitch


Fairly long side stitching. A different thickness of thread is used in the side stitching on each side.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_fly


Reinforcement rivets were omitted due to the reduction in supplies.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_flyback

crotch (back)

The lower end is truncated. Rather than being a feature of WWII model, the specifications continued from the model before this.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_sleek


Both the left and right sides are made of a common sleek fabric.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_outseam

outseam, selvedge

It seems to be WWII model that it is miscellaneous processed as shown in the photo. The pink of the ears is also faintly lingering.
LEVI'SS503XXB(WWII model)_fabric


It is a state where the color remains less than 90%, but rather than the color of indigo being dark, the color of the feeling that black was applied on indigo. There is a strong sense of slub, but surprisingly little nepping.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
- 28.5 40 11 15 11.5 30.5 8.5 40.5