LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model) No.2

 This is also a 501XX model, but this has a doughnut button on the front button and some poor sewing, which makes this one more like WWII model.

LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_front
It had been repaired at the time of purchase, mainly on the knees, etc., but since the purchase, it has been repaired additionally.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_back
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_back pocket

back pocket

In order to save supplies, the arcuate stitch was substituted with a print. The print has already peeled off and no arcuate remains.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_red tab

red tab

Levis embroidery on one side only. It is slightly faded.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_red tab

red tab

Unfortunately, the back of the book is torn. It is brittle, including the embroidery thread.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_leather patch

leather patch

There are no leather patches left, only traces.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_belt loop

belt loop

A belt loop at the center is attached to the seam. The belt loop is a thicker 0.55 inch(1.4cm).
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_conceal rivet

conceal rivet

It is made of iron and has some rust. There is no engraving at all.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_top button

top button

General purpose donut button in iron with V-stitching extending below the top button.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_front button

front button

Like the other WWII model, it has three fly buttons, so I'm judging it a 501. Except for the top button, three iron buttons with Levi's engraving are used.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_top button (back)

top button (back)

Iron, slightly bulging, unmarked button back
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_rivet


It's hard to tell from the image, but the "o" in the "co" is a lowercase type that is said to have been used before the war. All four rebeds are of this type. It is likely to be made of copper-plated iron as it has a magnet.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

"L.S. & CO S.F." engraved. It appears to have been made of copper-plated iron, and there is some iron rust on the slake.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_side stitc

side stitch

The side stitching is very long, about 9.4inch (24cm). Also, the stitching widths are uneven.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_crotch


There is no bar tack.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_crotch (back)

crotch (back)

It's the same as the 1922 and 1937 models, only the lower end was cut and not treated.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_sleek


During WWII War, it seems that a variety of cloths were used for slakes, but these were made from ordinary slake material.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_coin pocket

coin pocket

The rivets have been omitted to save supplies. The coin pocket is made of horizontal fabric and the other side is made of vertical fabric.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_coin picket (back)

coin picket (back)

The fabric is used horizontally and the selvedge are used.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

Four selvedge on the left and right, only one of which has a blue line. It seems to be rare.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge (another leg)

The other hem. It seems to be the original hem, but the finish is quite poor. There seems to have been a lot of them in the Great War period.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_fabric


The darkest colored hem below the knee. It is slightly blackish. Also, the neps are very high.
LEVI'S S501XX (WWII model)_fabric


The lightest colored part of the thigh. There is still some blackness.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
- 28.5 40 12 14.5 11.5 33.5 8 46.5