Levi's Movin' On (Regular Flare, Nov 1979)

 This is one of the "Levi's Movin' On" series that was manufactured from the late 1970s to 1980s, and it is a symbolic item that Levi's has been expanding its product development with the trendy fashion of the time since the 1970s. The back pocket has retro geometric stitching in place of Levi's iconic arcuate stitching, and you might not recognize it as a Levi's if it wasn't for the orange tab. The model introduced here is positioned as "Regular Flare" according to the tag, but the 646, which is the representative of Levi's flare model, flares from below the knee, while the hem of this model extends in a straight line from around the peach to the hem. The fabric is a blend of 64% cotton and 36% polyester.

It has already been washed, but it is unclear if the slightly pale color is due to the washing process.
The hem extends from just above the knee. It was originally center-pleated, or maybe it has a folded middle.


There are no paper patches and the tag, which is supposed to be removed when worn, states the size, product lot, etc. The product lot is 22277-5516.


The "Movin' On Jeans" logo and silhouette are printed on it.
Levi'sMovin'On_inner tag

inner tag

It has notes on washing and sizes.
Levi'sMovin'On_inner tag

inner tag

At the bottom is the number "11, 9, 14". The number in the middle tells us that it was made in 1979 or 1989, but since it's a flared model and the factory number is a two-digit number, I'm guessing that it was made at the November 14, 1979 factory.
Levi'sMovin'On_back pocket

back pocket

Back pocket with geometric embroidery. It appears to be a flap pocket, but the cloth is sewn into the side of the pocket, not a flap pocket.
Levi'sMovin'On_orange tab

orange tab

Small E double-sided embroidery tabs. It is an unequal "V".
Levi'sMovin'On_batwing tag

batwing tag

The left back pocket has the Levi's Batwing logo on it. Made of metal.
Levi'sMovin'On_top button

top button

The top button is made of copper-plated iron and is no different from the buttons on the 505 and other models.


The zipper is a Talon 42.
Levi'sMovin'On_top button (back)

top button (back)

It's stamped "14."
Levi'sMovin'On_front pocket

front pocket

There is no coin pocket. No rivets have been struck.


It is double stitched with a lock hung on it. Single stitching at the hem.


This is a mixed fabric of 66% cotton and 34% polyester that is very lightly dyed. When you think of mixed denim, stretchy materials come to mind, but this fabric is not very stretchy. It seems to have been adopted for its cost and durability.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W28/L32 27.5 34 11.5 14 9.5 33 10.5 43.5