Levi's 716 (Saddleman Boot Jeans, Mar 1981)

It is a boot cut of the Saddleman series that Levi's was developing, and it is a STUDENT size that corresponds to the old youth size. Made from a mixed fabric of 64% cotton and 36% polyester, it is claimed to be the "toughest denim", "naturally faded" and "wrinkle resistant". Compared to the dark blue dead stock denim, it looks like about 50% of the color remains, but it's different from the nuance that the color has been faded by the stone wash process.

It comes with a flasher, but not a guarantee ticket.
Boot cut with not much degree of flare. It flares gently from slightly above the knees.
Levi's716_paper patch

paper patch

Composition indication above the part number. A blend of 64% cotton and 36% polyester. The tear-off tab is cracked, but not cured.


"RINCED DENIM" is written on it, and we can see that it has been washed. In addition, "THE STRONGEST INDIGO DENIM WE'VE EVER MADE" and "FADE NATURALLY + FEW WRINKLES" are stated.
Levi's716_inner tag


Washing instructions and "STUDENT" and size are given, but there is no indication of shrinkage.
Levi's716_inner tag

inner tag

"3 81" indicates that it was manufactured in March 1981.
Levi's716_back pocket

back pocket

Near-square shape. The arcuate stitching is slightly underneath.
Levi's716_back pocket (back)

_back pocket (back)

It is sewn with chain stitch.
Levi's716_orange tab

orange tab

It's a double-sided tab on the SMALL E, but the letters are printed rather than embroidered." The letter "V" is uneven on the left and right.
Levi's716_top button

top button

This is a copper-plated iron button, no different from the one used on the 505 and others. There is a parallel stitch reinforcement across the top button, but it is sewn with a thread of a color closer to the fabric.


Levi's zipper with Bad Wing logo
Levi's716_top button (back)

top button (back)

No engraving.


It's an orange tab but riveted. Copper-plated iron rivets. However, there is only one rivet reinforcement on the coin pocket, and the other is reinforced by bar tack.
Levi's716_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

It is made of aluminum.


It's finished with a lock. Single stitching at the hem.


The color is pale from the beginning, but not uneven like a stonewash. The fabric feels a little firm.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L34 27.5 34 10.5 13.5q 10 33 8 43.5