Levi's 706 (Aug 1985)

This is a Levi's 706, a STUDENT model for boys and youth, called "SUPER STRAIGHT," and is dated August 1985." It's not clear what kind of silhouette they were referring to from the word "SUPER STRAIGHT", but it's slender and straight with almost no taper. It's also smaller around the hips, perhaps due to the STUDENT model. It has red tabs, and the basic details are patterned after the 501 and 505.

The flasher and guaranty tickets have been lumped into one piece.
Slightly slender and straight with little or no taper.
Levi's706(1985.8)_paper patch

paper patch

Paper patch with tear-off tag; Care stamp has been replaced by printing and replaced by a "100% COTTON" stamp." MADE IN U.S.A." is also noted.
Levi's706(1985.8)_flasher, guaranteeticket

flasher, guaranteeticket

The flasher and guaranty ticket are integrated. The guaranty ticket is marked "FOR OVER 130 YEARS".


A tag attached to the left rear waist belt section. No barcode printed yet.
Levi's706(1985.8)_inner tag

inner tag

"511M 8-85" indicates that it was made in August 1985 at factory #511. Some of the preshrunk fabrics have a 3% shrinkage indication, but there is no shrinkage indication on this one.
Levi's706(1985.8)_back pocket

back pocket

The back pockets are quite long, as seen on the Levi's 606 and others. The archway stitching is slightly lower.


It is stitched with chain stitching, but the bottom thread is black instead of orange.
Levi's706(1985.8)_red tab

red tab

Uneven "v" in small e double-sided tabs. Embroidered tabs are used rather than printed.
Levi's706(1985.8)_top button

top button

Copper-colored top button used on preshrunk models.


Zipper with batwing logo
Levi's706(1985.8)_top button_back

top button(back)

Like the inside tag, it is stamped "511".


Copper-plated iron rivets


Aluminum rivet backing


Locked with white thread and stitched in a side split. The hem appears to be original, but is single-stitched.


Some of the fabrics, even those woven on innovative looms, have noticeable neps and flaws in the weave, but this is a very neat fabric overall. The slubby feel is not perceptible. The blue tint is strong but slightly grayish.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W28/L30 28.5 35.5 11 14 11 31.5 8 41