LEVI'S 605 (BIG E, Red Tab)

Around the time of BIG E, the fashionization of jeans went further from the time it entered the BIG E period, Levi's released various kinds of typed jeans with red tab. This is the one with the red tab and given the 605 lot number. Levi's 605 is famous for its slim silhouette with black tab, which was the predecessor of 606, but 605 with red tab is very different from that one, and it has a thick straight shape with no taper. It would be better to think of it as drawing from the lineage of 505.

Thicker than the BIG E's 501 and straight with almost no taper. It's made of shrink-resistant fabric, but it's solid about twisting.
LEVI'S605(BIGE)_paper patch

paper patch

A paper patch with a large lettered lot number. It has hardened so much that any further washing would likely shatter it.
LEVI'S605(BIGE)_buck pocket

back pocket

The back pocket is quite long, which is unusual for a thick straight pocket. The angle of the arcuate stitching is deep.
LEVI'S605(BIGE)_back pocket (back)

back pocket (back)

Single stitching on the back pocket. The orange tab has chain stitches, but this is a red tab's one , so it has single stitches, even though 605
LEVI'S605(BIGE)_red tab

red tab

Unequal V double-sided tabs.
LEVI'S605(BIGE)_top button

top button

Copper-plated buttons, just like 505 and others.


A Talon 42 is used, suggesting that it was manufactured in the late 60's or early 70's.
LEVI'S605(BIGE)_top button (back)

トtop button (back)

The engraving on the back of the button is "8". The parallel stitching on the side of the top button indicates that it was made at the same time as the later BIG E of 501.


Copper-plated iron rivets
LEVI'S605(BIGE)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

made of aluminum
LEVI'S605(BIGE)_coin pocket

coin pocket

Both the coin pocket and the fabric are made of vertical fabric.
LEVI'S605(BIGE)_coin pocket (back)

coin pocket (back)

This is a common specification for all BIG E's except for the "16" mark.
LEVI'S605(BIGE)_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

In the shrink-resistant BIG E, there are two selvedges, one selvede, and no selvedge, depending on individual differences. The ears are quite thick.


The outseam stitching is a single stitch, suggesting that it was made before the 66 period.


The fabric has a strong blue tinge with a slight reddish tinge, which is typical of the Big E period. The slubby feel is not very noticeable, but there are some small neps in places.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W28/L30 28 40 10 14 11 28.5 8.5 38.5