LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)

554ZXX was a youth model of the 551Z, the predecessor of the 505, and the part number of the 554Z was attached to the 27 to 29 inch model. And like the 551Z, it is said to have been born in 1961, and the one shown here is with a "double-sided" red tab and a paper patch with "Every Garment Guaranteeed", so it was probably manufactured around 1961 to 1963. There is a noticeable nep in the fabric.

LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)
Even the different design of the flasher and the guaranty ticket is quite different from the 504Z.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_front
With a length of only 27 inches, it looks pretty skimpy. It's not slender, but it's tapered toward the hem, which seems to be from the 1960s.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_back
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_paper patch

paper patch

It has "Every Garment Guaranteed" printed on it. The letters on the part number are large. It is hardened and has already cracked.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_flasher


It lists information on "CONCEALED RIVETS", "OVER 14oz. DENIM" and "PRE-SHURUNK"shrunk". It also says "Process 686, which assures perfect fit, washing and washing."its proprietary 686 process guarantees a perfect fit no matter how many times it is washed,". It also has a 1956 copyright notice.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_guarantee ticket

guarantee ticket

It is made of paper. There is a 1960 copyright notice in the lower left corner and "FOR OVER 100 YEARS". Also, the word "PRE-SHRUNK" is written in prominent letters. Not only is the flasher mentioned here, but the 686 process is also mentioned here.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_back pocket

back pocket

Near-square-shaped back pocket. The arcuate is neither deep nor shallow.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_arcuate stitch

arcuate stitch

The arcuate stitch is a yellow stitch with wide stitch spacing.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_red tab

red tab

Double-sided tabs with embroidery on both sides." R" and the letter "V" is equally "V".
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)belt loop

belt loop

Offset belt loop. It's installed straight up.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_conceal rivet

conceal rivet

It is likely to be made of copper-plated iron, since it has a magnet. There is no engraving.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_top button

top button

It is the copper-colored top button of the 505 system. It seems to be made of copper-plated iron because it still has a magnet.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_zippere


LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_top button (back)

top button (back)

"It's stamped with the number 20.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)


As with the 504Z, several types of letters of slightly different sizes were used.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

Because a magnet is attached after all, it seems to be made of iron of copper plating, and it is understood that the rivet back side of copper plating is used for the one with galvanized even in 505 series.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_coin pocket

coin pocket

The fabric of the coin pocket is used vertically, so the selvedge does not stick out. The back is single stitched. The cloth on the other side, where the coin pocket is attached, is a horizontal use of fabric.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_sleek


It's stamped "365 0??1".
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)_outseam

outseam, selvedge

Selvedge with two red lines.
LEVI'S 554ZXX (with guarantee)


It's a pre-shrunk fabric, but as it's claimed to be XX, it has the same color, slab and neps texture as the galvanized 504ZXX.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L27 27.5 40 10.5 14.5 10 26.5 7.5 36