Levi's 505 (May 1974)

505 which is a representative model of the pre-shrunk zipper version that continues from the 551ZXX. Originally, this model was said to be a major target for the East Coast of the United States, but it was also very popular in Japan as a slender, straight model. 554ZXX, the youth model of the 551ZXX's predecessor, was not made to be as slim as the 554ZXX, but it is evident that it is slimmer than the 551ZXX. This is the one made in May 1974, which is equivalent to the 501 of 66 single model, and there are many similarities with the 501 of 66-single model in the specifications of sewing.

In addition to the flasher guarantee ticket, there are many differences from the 501 at a quick glance, such as a small tag under the paper patch. As far as I can see, the belt loops have yellow stitching for cannibalization, and the rest is orange stitching.
Overall, she is slender and tapered, with a gentle slenderness not only from the thighs but also from the knees down.
Levi's505(1974.5)_paper patch

paper patch

The part number "505-0217" is stamped with a CARE stamp above it. It also has a tear-off tag with a cut-out line to the right. Underneath the paper patch is a paper tag that reads "SHRINKAGE CONTROLLED PROCESS 686".


Shrinkage controlled at approximately 3% by our exclusive process 686." was written on the flasher from the beginning, and it can be seen that the shrink-resistant processing was a big selling point. The copyright notice of C1966 is at the bottom.
Levi's505(1974.5)_guarantee ticket

guarantee ticket

Guarantee ticket for "FOR OVER 120 YEARS". Again, "SHRINKAGE CONTROLLED BY PROCESS 686" is read here. At the bottom is a specific warranty statement, "EVERY PAIR GUARANTEED: A NEW PAIR FREE IF THEY RIP. The year of copyright in the lower left is 1966.
Levi's505(1974.5)_inner tag

inner tag

Even though it is dead stock, the letters have been lost, but it is likely that there was some mention of a 3% shrinkage rate, etc.
Levi's505(1974.5)_inner tag

inner tag

It's hard to tell from the photo, but you can see the number "5 74" faintly in the lower center, so it's obvious that it was produced in May 1974.
Levi's505(1974.5)_back pocket

back pocket

Slightly vertical back pocket. The shape of the arcuate stitch appears to be even on the right and left sides, but slightly underneath.
Levi's505(1974.5)_back pocket (back)

back pocket (back)

Single stitching, same as 66-single 501.
Levi's505(1974.5)_red tab

red tab

Small E double-sided embroidery tabs." The letter "V" is equal to the left and right.
Levi's505(1974.5)_bar tack

bar tack

Black bar tack.
Levi's505(1974.5)_top button

top button

The copper-colored buttons used on the 505 system. It is strangely glossy.


Talon 42 has been used.
Levi's505(1974.5)_top button (back)

top button (back)

Engraved with a "5". Parallel stitching on the side of the top button. Unlike the 501, the waistbelt is made of a vertical fabric.


Like the 501, this is a copper-plated iron rivet.
Levi's505(1974.5)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

Same as 501, aluminum rivet back.
Levi's505(1974.5)_coin pocket

coin pocket

The fabric of both the coin pocket and the other cloth is used vertically. The back of the coin pocket is single-stitched. This 505 is different from the 501's of the same period, except for the one engraved with the number 16, which are chain stitched.


Side split with orange stitch locks on. The hem is chain stitched.


Overall, the slubby feel is weak, and there is not much unevenness in the warp threads even if you look at it visually. The neps are also almost non-existent. In addition, although it has a dark, blackish color, there is a bright blue face in the place where it was rubbed, and it is thought that a bright blue will come out overall if you remove the paste and put it on a little.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W28/L29 29 40.5 11.5 14 10.5 30 7.5 40