LEVI'S 504ZXX (leather patch, double sides tab) No.2

504ZXX was a youth model of the zippered version of the 501XX, specifically 27 to 29 inch zippered version with the part number 504Z. 501ZXX, the zippered version of 501XX, is said to have been born in 1954, while 504ZXX has been in production since 1952. This one has a leather patch, but the red tab is a "double-sided tab" with embroidery on both sides, and the guarantee ticket is made of paper and is "for over 85 years", so it was probably made around 1957 (generally, the transition from leather to paper patches is said to have taken place around 1955, but this transition did not take place all at once, and the leather patches that remained at each factory may have continued to be used after 1955). . There is no denying the possibility that the leather patch on this one is newer than 504ZXX with a paper patch.

The flasher and guarantee ticket had been removed but were included from the time of purchase. The smell of starchy paste remains strong.
It appears to be from the mid-1950s and is a fairly thick straight that falls slightly above the knee and straight down.

leather patch

Although it is dead stock, it has been kept in a relatively humid place and has been kept in such a soft condition that one would think that the leather has been cared for.


"THE RIVET'S STILL THERE" and a hidden bed are marked with an "R" in the upper right hand corner of the LEVI'S logo. On the long arrow in the middle, "America's Finest Overall Since 1850" is written. Copyright 1945. L.S. & Co. S.F." at the bottom, which appears to relate to the flasher design.

guarantee ticket

Made of paper." This is a guarantee ticket for "FOR OVER 85 YEARS", so we can see that it was made around 1957. It is generally said that the switch from leather patches to paper patches took place around 1955, but this switch was not made all at once, and the remaining leather patches may have continued to be used after 1955. Also, the 504ZXX with the paper patch is an oiled cloth, while this guarantee ticket is made of paper, so we can't deny the possibility that the one with the leather patch here is newer. There is a small 1927 copyright notation at the bottom left.
LEVI'S504ZXX_leatherpatch_back pocket

back pocket

Near-square-shaped back pocket. Only the arcuate stitch is yellow and the rest is orange.

arcuate stitch

Pretty brightly colored yellow stitching is used. The width of the pitch is wide.

red tab

There is no photo of the back, but it is a double-sided tab with embroidery on both sides, with the "○R" as a result of the trademark registration of the red tab in 1953. The letter "V" is equal"V".

belt loop

The center belt loop is attached straight up with a displaced offset belt loop. The width of the belt loops appears to be a little thicker, but it appears to be so because they are before the shrinkage.

conceal rivet

The magnets don't react at all, so I suspect they are made entirely of copper. There is no engraving of the factory number. There are some faint scratches that may have been caused by hammering in.
LEVI'S504ZXX_leatherpatch_top button

top button

It seems to be made of plated iron because of the magnet. It is flat throughout and slightly bulging in the center.


Talon zippers are used.

top button (back)

It's stamped "14".


The "O" is capitalized. Elsewhere, the old-fashioned lowercase "o" is not used. It is likely to be made of copper-plated iron as it has a magnet.

rivet (back)

It is likely to be made of copper-plated iron, as the magnet attaches even from the back.

side stitch

Although it's a leather patch, the side stitching is short, perhaps because it's after the transition to double-sided tabs already.

coin pocket

Here, it looks like a leather patch, and the fabric for the ears is used. Since the cloth is used vertically and the coin pocket is used horizontally, it is expected that Inazuma will run once it is washed.


"19 3/4 3" is stamped, but it is unclear what it means.
LEVI'S504ZXX_leatherpatch_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

Although it is dead stock, it has faded to a pink ear. The hem is chain stitched in orange front and yellow back.


The real thing is quite a bit darker in color than it looks in the picture. As for this one. There are no major weave wounds, but there are a few neps.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L34 27 39.5 10.5 14.5 10.5 32.5 8.5 42