LEVI'S 503BXX (leather patch, 1 side red tab) No.2

 It's a 501xx Boys Youth model, this one with about 80-90% of color residue. The red tab is a "one-sided tab" and although the patch is missing, some pieces of leather remain. From the short stitching on the side of the waist and the engraving on the back of the top button, it is inferred that this is a relatively old model, even for a single-sided tab made in the period (1947-53 or so). Compared to the other single-sided tab, the 503BXX, orange stitching is used more frequently.

LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_front
It's thick, falls straight, and has a fairly deep inseam.
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_back
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_back pocket

_back pocket

Near-square shape. Unlike the other single-sided tab, the 503BXX, orange stitching is used for all but the arcuate. The arcuate stitch depth is moderate, and the sides are nearly even. The stitches are starting to show some frayed spots early on.
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_red tab

red tab

Single-sided tab with "LEVI'S" embroidered on one side only.
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_leather patch

leather patch

The patch is almost chipped, but there are some pieces of leather left between stitches.
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_belt loop

belt loop

It is attached to the back center seam, but the width(0.47 inch(1.2cm)) is narrower than the other 503BXX(0.55 inch(1.4cm)).
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_conceal rivet

conceal rivet

It's stamped with the number "14". It is likely to be made of copper-plated iron as it has a magnet.

LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_top-button


Like the other single-sided tab, the 503BXX, it is made of plated iron with a magnetic response, and the surface is slightly inflated only in the center.

LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_front button


Since there are two buttons except for the top button, we can identify it as 503BXX.
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_fly-button


It is likely to be made of plated iron due to the reaction of the magnet. It features a rustproof lemon yellow paint. The rest of the text is flat.
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_topbuttonback

top-button (back)

It is made of iron and slightly swollen at the center. The bulge is somewhere in between what is said to be a domed type and a flat type." It is stamped "14".
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_rivet


The "O" is a capital letter. The characters are large and not centered. Since there is no magnet attached, we can assume that it is made of copper.
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

The back of the rivet is also not reacting to the magnet, so it is likely to be made of copper.
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_side stitch

side stitch

The single-sided tab moedl is said to feature long side stitching, which is short at 4.5inch(11.5 cm).
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_coinpocket


Selvedge part is used. The fabric is used horizontally for both the coin pocket and the other cloth.
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_crotch


Stitched with thick orange stitching, but without the cannibalization at the specific wing.
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_crotchback

crotch (back)

It is carefully folded and stitched on, rather than the cutouts of the pre-WWII model.
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_outseam

outseam, selvedge

It has red line with a faint pink color. The hem is chain stitched in orange on the outside and yellow and orange on the inside.
LEVI'S 503BXX (1 side red tab)_fabric


The fabric seems to have a slightly stronger reddish tint compared to those of the WWII model. A lot of naps are still seen, and the weave scars are also scattered.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
- 26 39.5 10.5 13.5 10.5 30.5 8 41