LEVI'S 502 (BIG E, Waist Chain ,16 button) No.3

 こちらも502で、ボタン裏刻印16のものであるが、よく言われるように16刻印のものは、他と比べるとイレギュラーな点があり、この1本も例外できない。もう1本の502とは、紙パッチの字体や各表記の位置の違いがあるものの、ボタン裏刻印16番のものであるがゆえの仕様の違いがあることから、製造時期の先後は明確ではない。購入した時点では、糊落としのため1,2度洗われたものであった。This is also 502 with 16 engravings on the back of the top button. 16 engravings are more irregular than others, and this one is no exception. The other 502 has differences in the typeface of the paper patch and the position of each notation, but it is not clear when it was manufactured, as it has different specifications due to the fact that it is an engraved number 16 on the back of the button. At the time of purchase, it had been washed once or twice to remove the glue.

The zip-fly 502 should not be any different from the 501 in terms of silhouette, but it seems to be more tapered than the 501.
LEVI'S502(BIGE)_paper patch

paper patch

The color of the paper is pale compared to the others. In addition, the letters of the part numbers are smaller. The notation on it is the order of "100% COTTON", "MADE IN U.S.A.", "WPL423" from the left. Unlike the other 502, all the letters are capitalized.
LEVI'S502(BIGE)_back pocket

back pocket

The shape is slightly elongated. It's a little shallower than the other Big E's, but still has a deep arcuate stitching angle.
LEVI'S502(BIGE)_arcuate stitch

arcuate stitch

It is orange stitched and has a fine stitch pitch.
LEVI'S502(BIGE)_red tab

red tab

Unequal V double-sided tabs
LEVI'S502(BIGE)_belt loop

belt loop

LEVI'S502(BIGE)_top button

top button

Galvanized iron buttons. There is no central rise, and it is flat. Top button side, parallel stitching.


SCOVILL's is used.
LEVI'S502(BIGE)_top button (back)

top button (back)

The 16 engraved BIG E seems to have different specifications from the others, for example, the back of the coin pocket is sewn single as described later. In addition, it is said that the one with the 16 mark has a color fade like the BIG E. There are many peculiarities in the 16 mark.


Copper-plated iron rivets
LEVI'S502(BIGE)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

Aluminum rivets
LEVI'S502(BIGE)_coin pocket

coin pocket

The fabric is used vertically. The back is single stitched, unlike other Big E's. Most of the 16 engraved ones are single stitched.
LEVI'S502(BIGE)_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

The seams are not misaligned. It's possible that there won't be much swell. The hem is stitched in orange for both top and bottom thread.


The color is dark blue with a faint reddish hue. The slubby texture remains, but there is almost no nep.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L30 26 39.5 9.5 13.5 10.5 26 7 35.5