Levi's 501 (redline, Apr 1981)

If it is a 501 until the early 1980s, the fabric with a redline is used, especially the one manufactured after the 66chain model is called "redline model". It used to be that you could see them in every thrift store. Because of their fading characteristics, denim is often not treated as vintage, but more and more people are preferring this kind of fading of denim and it is becoming more popular. According to the documents on Cone Mills, the company's facilities were modernized between 1975 and 1983, including the introduction of open-ended spinning. It is thought that the change of the spinning method has a great influence on the change of the color fading so much though it is woven on the same old loom.

Levi's501(red line)
The current product is called rigid, but it uses alcohol glue and is a little soft in texture, but these days it still has a unique smell as if natural glue was used.
Levi's501(red line)_front
The silhouette is not much different from that of the 66 model, but it appears to be slightly slimmer.
Levi's501(red line)_back
Levi's501(red line)_paper patch

paper patch

Like the 66 model, it is a paper patch with tear-off tabs and a Care stamp on top of the "501". Little curing is evident.
Levi's501(red line)_flasher


It is the same as the one after the Big E, and the year of copyright acquisition remains 1966.
Levi's501(red line)_guarantee ticket

guarantee ticket

Made of paper." Notation of "FOR OVER 125 YEARS". As for the contents of the warranty, it was changed to "EVERY PAIR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED" from a note that it would be replaced with a new one. Flasher's copyright was acquired in 1966.
Levi's501(red line)_inner tag

inner tag

It's attached to the bottom left of the waist belt and tells you how to handle it as it's written on the patch. It is identified as a red-eared model because the shrinkage is 10% (8% is 66chain model).
Levi's501(red line)_inner tag

inner tag

The number "4 1 524" indicates that it was made at the factory in April 524, 1981.
Levi's501(red line)_back pocket

back pocket

Near-square-shaped back pocket. The angle of the arcuate stitch is moderately deep, neither shallow nor deep, and the color of the stitch is orange.
Levi's501(red line)_back pocket (back)

back pocket (back)

Same chain stitching as the 66chain model
Levi's501(red line)_red tab

red tab

It's a double-sided tab on the small e, but the letters have been changed from embroidery to print." The letter "V" is uneven on the left and right.
Levi's501(red line)_bar tack

bar tack

black bar tack
Levi's501(red line)_top button

top button

It's a galvanized iron button, no different from the ones used in the past.
Levi's501(red line)_front buttom

front buttom

The number of buttons is the same as in BIg E, except for the top button, which has three.
Levi's501(red line)_fly button

fly button

Buttons that are not foot-long R with a pitter-patter between letters.
Levi's501(red line)_top button (back)

top button (back)

Engraved "524."
Levi's501(red line)_rivet


Copper-plated iron rivets
Levi's501(red line)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

made of aluminum
Levi's501(red line)_coin pocket

coin pocket

The coin pocket is used vertically and the cloth on the other side is used horizontally. The stitching on the back is a chain stitch.
Levi's501(red line)_crotch


The specifications of the cannulae to match the seams remain the same.
Levi's501(red line)_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

The color of his ears has faded to pink. It is sewn quite misaligned.
Levi's501(red line)_outseam


It is sewn with chain stitch.
Levi's501(red line)_fabric


Not much slaviness, but surprisingly a lot of neps.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L31 28.5 38.5 10.5 13.5 10 30 7.5 40