Levi's 501 (red line, Jun 1982)

This is a July 1982 Levi's 501 from the El Paso factory (engraved 524 on the back of the button) with a red eared fabric. The earlier Levi's 501 made in February 1982 (engraved 555 behind the button at the Valencia factory) used fabric without selvedges, indicating that the transition from fabric with red ears to fabric without red ears was not uniformly made.

Levi's501(red line)
Still in dead stock condition with glue on. The flasher is attached, but the guarantee ticket is missing.
Levi's501(red line)_front
The length is 36 inches long, making it look narrow. Small tapered towards the hem.
Levi's501(red line)_back
Levi's501(red line)_paper patch

paper patch

It's a paper patch with tear-off tabs and a Care stamp on top of a "501".
Levi's501(red line)_flasher


When "Levi's" was still written in large letters (later it was changed to "501"). . The lower half is different from the 501 with selvedges made in September 1981, because the size guide is written on the lower half and the notation of ○C1966 is missing.
Levi's501(red line)_inner tag

inner tag

The description of 10% shrinkage suggests that this is a red-eared model, not a late-66 model.
Levi's501(red line)_inner tag

inner tag

"7 2 524" indicates that it was made at the El Paso plant (July 524, 1982).
Levi's501(red line)_back pocket

back pocket

The arcuate stitching is shallow.
Levi's501(red line)_back pocket (back)

back pocket (back)

It is in chain stitch.
Levi's501(red line)_red tab

red tab

It has a small E print tab attached to it." The letter "V" is uneven on the left and right.
Levi's501(red line)_bar tack

bar tack

It has a black bar tack.
Levi's501(red line)_top button

top button

A top button with a pitter-patter between the letters. Next to the top button, parallel stitching.
Levi's501(red line)_front button

front button

Excluding the top button, there are three buttons.
Levi's501(red line)_fly button

fly button

Like the top button, there is a pitter-patter between the letters.
Levi's501(red line)_top button (back)

top button (back)

The engraving on the back of the button is "524", the same as the notation on the inner tag.
Levi's501(red line)_rivet


Iron rivets with copper plating but with a magnet.
Levi's501(red line)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

Engraved aluminum rivet back.
Levi's501(red line)_coin pocket

coin pocket

The back of the coin pocket is chain stitched. The fabric of both the pockets and the cloth on the other side is used vertically.
Levi's501(red line)_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

The hem is chain stitched and has a large seam dislocation. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the red thread on the ears runs just at the edge of the fabric.
Levi's501(red line)_fabric


There is little to no slaviness, but there are some nips. The color is a slightly dull blue, but not deep.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L36 27.5 38.5 11 14 11 35 7.5 44.5