LEVI'S 501 (BIG E TYPE A, Waist Single)

The BIG E 501 with single stitching on the waist belt and the V-shaped stitching on the side of the top button are said to be relatively early. Here is a dead stock that has not been watered down yet, but unfortunately the flasher and guarantee ticket are missing. This is a West Single Big E, but character"A" is printed in the paper patch, so I guess it is a relatively new model among "Waist Single".

LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_前面
I have the impression that it is slightly tapered when it comes to the Big E, but it looks like little tapered.
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_back
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_紙パッチ

paper patch

This is a so-called Type A paper patch. The description itself is the same as the 501 BIG E waist chain.
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_back pocket

back pocket

Near-square-shaped back pocket. The arcuate stitching is yellow stitched, which is closer to the XX than the BIG E on the waist chain stitching. The shape of the arcuate stitching is also almost the same as the XX, unlike the Big E, which has an uneven waist chain.
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_red tab

red tab

On the double-sided tabs, "V" is an uneven V with different thicknesses on the left and right.
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_bar tack

bar tack

The hidden rivets from the XX have been removed, and the black cannulated clasp has been added.
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_top button

top button

Plated iron buttons. The V-stitching is reinforced on the side of the button, maintaining the detail of the XX.
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_front button

front button

With the exception of the top button, there are three buttons.
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_fly button

fly button

The button with the long left line of "R" is the so-called "foot-long R" button.
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_top button (back)

top button (back)

It's hard to tell from the photo, but the engraving on the back of the button is "W". Most of the BIG E's on the waist chain seem to be engraved with numbers, but the waist single continues to be engraved with the late XX alphabet. The stitching on the waistbelt is a single stitch, which is one of the early ways to distinguish the BIG E, along with the V-stitching.
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_rivet


Copper-plated iron rivets. A little blue rust is visible.
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

Aluminum rivet backing
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_coin pocket

coin pocket

Because the fabric of the coin pocket is used vertically and the fabric of the opposite cloth is used horizontally, it is expected that a wrinkle called "Inazuma" will enter the coin pocket due to the difference in the shrinkage rate if you wear it. The back of the coin pocket is single stitched.
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_crotch


With the exception of some of the last XX models, XX did not have a bar tack at the crotch, but from BIG E onwards, they have a bar tack. The crotch bar tack is not stitched on top of the U-stitching, but is displaced from the crotch and is one of the early features of the BIG E (including some final XXs).
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

Redline faded to pink. The hem is orange on both the top and bottom threads, and the width of the overlapping stitches is narrower than usual, so the hem may have been hemmed rather than original.
LEVI'S501(BIG E,Waist Single)_fabric


Both the slab and nep feel are not so strong. There is hardly any difference in BIGE with the waist chain stitching.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L32 27.5 40 11 14.5 11 29.5 7.5 39.5