LEVI'S 501(BIG E TYPE A, Waist Chain)

This is the BIG E models with "TYPE ○" printed on the patch. The letters "○" are marked with the letters "A", "S", "B", "F", and "I", and this is "TYPE A", which is said to be the mid to late production period of BIG E.

The silhouette is the same as the other Big E 501.
LEVI'S501(BIGETYPEA)_paper patch

paper patch

"A" stamp avobe a "501". There are some theories about its meaning, such as quality and manufacturing plants. The position of "100%COTTON" and "WPL432" has been replaced with all capital letters compared to the other BIG E. The stitching is yellow tessitched.


As with the other BIG E, there is a large "Levi's" in small "e" notation, "SHRINK-TO-FIT" and a copyright notation of ○C1966.
LEVI'S501(BIGETYPEA)_guarantee ticket

guarantee ticket

"FOR OVER 100 YEARS" and in the lower left hand corner is the year of copyright acquisition, 1966. In addition, the notation of "J 501" is small in the lower right.
LEVI'S501(BIGETYPEA)_back pocket

bck pocket

The back pocket is still a little long, and the shape is a little distorted on the left and right. The arcuate stitch also has a slightly different shape on the left and right.
LEVI'S501(BIGETYPEA)_arcuate stitch

arcuate stitch

The arcuate stitch is an orange stitch. The pitch of the stitches is fine.
LEVI'S501(BIGETYPEA)_red tab

red tab

In the double-sided tabs, the left and right widths of the "V" are different unequal V.
LEVI'S501(BIGETYPEA)_belt loop

belt loop

On the BIG E, orange stitching is used in most parts, but yellow is often used on the two belts loops. In addition, the yoke section of this model is also yellow stitched.
LEVI'S501(BIGETYPEA)_bar tack

bar tack

The back pocket reinforcement, which was hidden rivets on the XX, was replaced with a black bar tack.
LEVI'S501(BIGETYPEA)_top button

top button

It appears to be made of galvanized iron. It's still glossy and the letters are clear. The middle is slightly inflated. The stitching next to the top button is a parallel stitch.
LEVI'S501(BIGETYPEA)_front button

front button

There are four buttons, including the top button.
LEVI'S501(BIGETYPEA)_fly buttom

fly button

It is a foot-long R and is a plated iron button.
LEVI'S501(BIGETYPEA)_top button (back)

top button (back)

Engraved with a "4". Chain stitching above the waist belt.


It is made of copper-plated iron to attach a magnet.
LEVI'S501(BIGETYPEA)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

Made of aluminum. Fortunately there are no deficiencies here yet.
LEVI'S501(BIGETYPEA)_coin pocket

coin pocket

The fabric is used horizontally. The back is stitched with chain stitch.


It has a bar tack to match the inverted U-shaped seam.


The other BIG E had a lot of numbers stamped on it, but this one had only "99 1".
LEVI'S501(BIGETYPEA)_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

Pale pink lines. It's still stitched tightly together.


It is single stitched, one of the ways to tell if it is BIG E or 66 model.


There are very few neps or weave scratches, but there is still a level of surface slabbing that can be felt.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L32 27 40 10.5 14.5 11 30.5 7.5 41.5