LEVI'S 501 (BIG E)

In 1966-67, the part number 501 on the patch changed from "501XX" to "501" and the model moved to Big E. Before the XX era, the part number of the youth size (27 to 29 inches) was "503BXX" (the zipper version was "504ZXX"), but after BigE era, the part number changed to "501" (the zipper version was "502"). The patches on the Big E's have a variety of designations, and This is a Big E model with a large "501" on the patch.

The design of the flasher has changed since the XX, but overall there are no major changes.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_前面
Compared to the XX, you can clearly see that it's tapered. However, the thickness itself hasn't changed much.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_back
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_papaerpatch

paper patch

It is printed in large letters as "501". Compared to 503BXX without guarantee and 504ZXX, the notation "WPL423" and "100% Cotton" have been added.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_flasher


Compared to the XX, the logo on the top has been changed to a small "e", and the red tabs on the left and right below it have been changed to BIG E. Perhaps because of the widespread use of preshrunk jeans in general, "SHRINK-TO-FIT" was written in large letters on the 501 flasher of STF. In addition, the display of "THE RIVET'S STILL THERE" was changed to "BARTACKED AT POINTS OF STRAIN" due to the abolition of the hidden rivet. The copyright notice of ○C1966 has been added at the bottom of the page.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_guarantee ticket

guarantee ticket

Made of paper." The notation is "FOR OVER 100 YEARS" and it is guaranteed as a new item if it is torn. The year of copyright acquisition of the guaranty ticket has also been changed to 1966. In the lower right hand corner is a small notation "J 501 MARCA REG.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_backpocket


The back pockets are asymmetrical and slightly elongated. In addition, the arcuate stitching is quite deep and strong with uneven size on the left and right.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_archeatestitch

archeate stitch

The arcuate stitch is an orange stitch. In addition, the stitching width is finer than the XX period.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_赤タブ

red tab

"V" is a double-sided tab with the same width on both sides of the tab. There are many uneven "V" models from around the BIG E, but equal "V" models are considered to be lower year models.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_beltloop

beltloop (center)

Instead of "offset belt loop", the belt loop was attached to the center seam.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_bartack

bar tack (backpocket)

Concealed rivets were abolished and replaced with black bar tacks.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_topbutton

top- button

Made of galvanized iron. In the early days of the BIG E, the front button was stitched with V-shape stitching, but for the older models, two parallel stitches were used.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_front button


The 503BXX of small size with leather patch and single-sided red tabs had two buttons except for the top button, and the 503BXX withount guarantee had three buttons except for the top button. This Big E's one has three buttons except for the top button.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_fly-button


The same as the 503BXX withount guarantee, the foot length "R" button. It is a galvanized iron button.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_topbuttonback

top-button (back)

Engraved with an "8". The stitching on the waistbelt is a single stitch in the early days of the BIG E, but this is after the change to chain stitch. In addition, the belt loops are are attached afterwards.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_rivet


It is made of copper-colored plated iron.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_rivetback

rivet (back)

It is made of aluminum, like the 503BXX withount guarantee. It seems to be easy to remove, and even though it is dead, there are areas where it is removed, as you can see in this photo.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_coinpocket

coin pocket

The fabric is vertical and there is no chance of the ears coming out. The back of coin pocket is stitched with chain stitch.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_crotch


A bar tack is added, that was not present in the "XX". The color is orange. It's attached to the seam.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_sleek


Compared to XX, there are quite a few more numbers in the list.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_outseam-selvedge

outseam, selvedge

Pale pink selvedge. The hem is also quite misaligned at the seams, and you can expect a big swell if you wash it.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_outseam


Stitched in single stitch.The outseam stitching is said to be a useful method of identifying missing paper patches, inner tags, and red tabs, as the 66 models after the BIG E are stitched with a chain stitch.
LEVI'S501(BIG E)_fabric


There is still a sense of slab on the surface.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L32 27 40 11 14 10.5 30.5 7.5 40.5