Levi's 501 (66 chain, Feb 1980)

This is a 66chain model 501, built in February 1980, near the end of the so-called redline model period. There is no sign of having been worn, but there is no flasher or guarantee ticket attached, and from the condition of the denim with some fine wrinkles and the deflection of the paper patch, it seems that it has been drained. This may be why the fuzz is a little more noticeable than the fully-rigid ones.

Straight, tapered from the thigh
Levi's501(66chain)_paper patch

paper patch

A paper patch with a CARE stamp. There is a deflection, which suggests that the water has been passed through. There is a perforation mark on the right edge where there is a little bit left over, indicating that it was a tear-off tag.
Levi's501(66chain)_inner tag

inner tag

It is noted that it has a shrinkage of 8%, and this, along with the chain stitching on the back pocket back, indicates that it is a late 66 model.
Levi's501(66chain)_inner tag

inner tag

The number on the third line from the top is "20 0 6", which indicates that it was made at the factory in February 6, 1980.
Levi's501(66chain)_back pocket

back pocket

Near-square-shaped back pocket. The arcuate stitch angle is also shallow.
Levi's501(66chain)_back pocket(back)

back pocket(back)

It is sewn with chain stitch.
Levi's501(66chain)_red tab

red tab

In the small e double-sided embroidery tab, the "V" is an unequal V. 
Levi's501(66chain)_bar tack

bar tack

Black bar tack
Levi's501(66chain)_top button

top button

The type that has a lot of pots and pockets. It's pretty shiny. The photo is lost, but the top button is parallel stitched. 
Levi's501(66chain)_front button

front button

Three, except for the top button. It's no different from the later models.
Levi's501(66chain)_fly button

fly button

Button that is not a foot-long R with a pitter-patter.
Levi's501(66chain)_top button (back)

top button (back)

Engraved with a "6". The top of the waist belt is chain stitched.


Copper-plated iron rivets. It's no different from the later models.
Levi's501(66chain)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

It is made of aluminum.
Levi's501(66chain)_coin pocket

coin pocket

Coin pockets are used vertically and the other cloth is used horizontally. The back of the coin pocket is chain stitched.
Levi's501(66chain)_outseam, selvege

outseam, selvege

It is sewn with chain stitch. The selvedges do not show much fading.


It's hard to judge the texture, etc., because the glue is still halfway through, even though it has been drained. As far as the back of the fabric is concerned, the weft is homogeneous. The neps are almost absent.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W28/L31 27.5 40 11 14 10.5 28.5 7.5 38