Levi's 501 (Made in U.S.A., Jun 2001)

This one was also made in 2001, but it is still a 90's model, so I have included it here. This is the last one made in our own factory in the United States and handled by Levi's Japan. Perhaps due to a return to ring-spun yarn, it has more of a longitudinal fade than the red-eared or 80's 501, and it also has more of a mellifluous fade. They were not washed for several months because they were in fashion at the time, but when you look at them now, you can't help but think that they lack a clean look.

The side whiskers and the uneven whiskers of the thighs, which were in vogue at the time, were "genuinely punctured" without washing. I'm going to miss it when it's well done, but I'm going to choose an outfit to go with it.
"Hachinosu" on the back of the knee is also coming out.
Levi's501(2001.6)_paper patch

paper patch

Compared to previous ones, the paper is shiny and has a firmer patch to it. Even though I actually wore them hard, they didn't break, but they didn't tear. The tear-off tag was not originally attached.
Levi's501(2001.6)_inner tag

inner tag

This tag is often seen on Levi's Japan products.
Levi's501(2001.6)_inner tag

inner tag

Made in June 2001. Factory number is 553.
Levi's501(2001.6)_back pocket

back pocket

The shape appears to be longer in the width than in the length. The arcuate stitch is nicely balanced on the left and right.
Levi's501(2001.6)_red tab

red tab

In the small e double-sided embroidery tab, the "V" is an unequal V.
Levi's501(2001.6)_bar tack

bar tack

The color of the cane is orange on the front, but when viewed from the back, it is decorated with white thread.
top button

top button

The top button is the same as the others at the same time. Next to the top button, parallel stitching.
Levi's501(2001.6)_front button

front button

It's 29 inches, but it has three fly buttons.
Levi's501(2001.6)_fly button

fly button

Button that is not a foot-long R with a pitter-patter. This is no different from the earlier and later models.
Levi's501(2001.6)_top button (back)

top button (back)

It is hard to tell from the photo, but there is an engraving "553". It can be seen that they were manufactured at plants other than the El Paso ("524") and Valencia ("555") plants.


Copper-plated iron rivets. It's no different from the later models.
Levi's501(2001.6)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

It has been changed to a copper-plated iron rivet backing like the one made in Mexico.


Side split stitching with a white thread lock. The hem is hemmed in a single stitch.


The part near the hem that has the most color remaining. The color is also different from the 80's, slightly reddish, and seems to be closer to the color of the pre-Big E's.


The part of the knee that is most faded. Some longitudinal drops in places.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W29/L36 - - - - - - - -