Levi's 501 (Made in Mexico, Apr 2001)

It's a 501 made in 2001, but it's a 90's model, so it's listed here as an old jeans. It is a parallel import made in Mexico. Even though it was made in Mexico, there is no particular change in the specifications, etc., compared to those made in the United States at the same time. Purchased in a rigid condition, but left intact after removing the glue, the color fading of jeans changed considerably due to the introduction of open-ended spun yarns from around 1980, but due to the influence of the vintage boom of that time, ring-spun yarns seemed to return in the latter half of the 1990s, and the one introduced here is also made from ring-spun yarns.

Straight, gently tapered from the knee
Levi's501(2001.4)_paper patch

paper patch

Compared to the U.S.A. made at the same time, the placement of the letters is the same, but only the "Made in U.S.A." part is left out. It also comes with a tear-off tag.
Levi's501(2001.4)_inner tag

inner tag

It has embroidered instructions on how to wash it.
Levi's501(2001.4)_inner tag

inner tag

On the reverse side, the number "647 0401" indicates that it was made in April 2001 at factory #647.
Levi's501(2001.4)_inner tag

inner tag

One more inner tag is attached.
Levi's501(2001.4)_back pocket

back pocket

The back pocket is almost square in shape and has a lot of distortion on the left and right. The angle of the arcuate stitching is deep.
Levi's501(2001.4)_red tab

red tab

In the small e double-sided embroidery tab, the "V" is an unequal V. 
Levi's501(2001.4)_top butoon

top butoon

There is no significant change in the top button. Next to the top button, parallel stitching.
Levi's501(2001.4)_front button

front button

Three, except for the top button. It's no different from the later models.
Levi's501(2001.4)_fly button

fly button

Button that is not a foot-long R with a pitter-patter. This is no different from the earlier and later models.
Levi's501(2001.4)_top button (back)

top button (back)

Marked "647."


Copper-plated iron rivets. It's no different from the later models.
Levi's501(2001.4)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

It was changed to a copper-plated iron rivet backing instead of aluminum.


Side split stitching with a white thread on a lock sewing machine. Single stitching at the hem.


Surprisingly, the neps are noticeable. You can also see the reddish color in the dark blue, like the fabric of the BIG E model.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W29/L33 28.5 40 11 14 10.5 30 8 40