LEE RIDERS 151-Y (1940s)

The part number which can be faintly read from the tag is "151-Y", where Y seems to be a youth model. It follows the details of jeans except for the lack of a coin pocket, but it's made from a 2×1 light ounce fabric, making the details reminiscent of jeans and the texture reminiscent of painter's pants and other work pants. Overall, there is a lot of yellow stitching and almost no orange stitching.

It's torn, but it does have a flasher on it. Although rigid, it's not as tightly glued as the Levi's.
The silhouette is quite thick, and the inseam is deep, perhaps because it is a youth model. The overall size is very unlikely to be for a child.
Lee151-Y_leather patch

leather patch

It is considerably longer than the one attached to the 101Z, which is a typical model. The silver surface of the leather is now as if it had been scraped." There is no indication of "R" or "M.R.".


The copyright on the Frasher is for 1946, indicating that it was made after 1946. Also, the word "NEW" is written along with a large zippered fly, so we can guess that this is a model that is just after the beginning of the zippered fly.


Another flasher that was in the right back pocket. Pictured like hieroglyphics, it looks like a symbol used for branding cattle.


The tag on the back of the waistband is the same type and design as the "center red tag" on the 101Z.


A tag attached to the top of the leather patch. It's hard to read in the photo, but it says "LOT 151-Y", "SIZE 15". 15 years old, but the actual size is quite large.
Lee151-Y_union ticket

union ticket

A union ticket is attached to the back of the right back pocket.
Lee151-Y_back pocket

back pocket

This is the back pocket on the left. The stitching is straight, not lazy S, and there is no slake reinforcement on the back. It has leather attached to it for writing your name.

top button

It is a youth size so it is a snap button, but even though it is a Lee RIDERS, it uses the "long L" (the "L" at the bottom) button used for workwear.


Use a gripper zipper.


A so-called UFO rivet with the "Lee" engraved on it is used. Since it has a magnet on it, we can assume that it is made of copper-plated iron.
Lee151-Y_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

It is domed with a slight bulge in the center. It is likely to be made of copper-plated iron as it has a magnet.
Lee151-Y_front pocket

front pocket

The coin pocket is omitted.


Riders model, but with inseam rivets just like the COWBOY model.


It's rolled up, but maybe the crease wasn't enough, or maybe the ears are sticking out when you go up. Chain stitching at the hem.


It's a light ounce 2×1 fabric that doesn't look or feel like a slab, but the neps are noticeable.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L34 27.5 37.5 11 14 10 33.5 7.5 43.5