Levi's VINTAGE DENIM JACKETS TYPE I/TYPE II/TYPE III", a photo book of Levi's denim jackets, will be released on October 10, 2020, and in conjunction with the release of Levi's VINTAGE CLOTHING(LVC)'s First World War model A reissued jacket. This is a reissue of the "sprit back" version, which is one of the most popular jackets among vintage enthusiasts, and is made up of two pieces of fabric on the back. This specification was used for big sizes over 46, and this reissue was also limited to 506 pieces in size 46 only. The size of the reissue is often adjusted to the modern style, but the one introduced here is designed to keep the size of the original. It was made after the White Oak factory of Cone Denim had already closed down, but this is an extravagant piece of clothing made from Levi's White Oak factory's LVC fabric that remained at Levi's.

LVC S506XXE_front
Even though it's a size 46, the body width is large but the length and the sleeve length are short. Even I (height 170cm, weight 55kg) can wear it without much discomfort. There are 4 buttons on the front because of the specifications for the war.
LVC S506XXE_back
The back is a "sprit back" made up of two pieces of fabric connected together, as mentioned above. A cinchback is also attached to the waist.
LVC S506XXE_back
Enlargement of the back. Side pleats are a little deeper.
LVC S506XXE_patch


LOT NO. printed on "S506XX" plus an "E" to indicate big size. Material: cowhide
LVC S506XXE_tag


LVCs often have only a simple tag with the original manufacturing date and other information.
LVC S506XXE_inner tag

inner tag

LVC's rigid denim was moving away from American-made denim to Bulgarian-made denim, but it appears that more and more of the denim has since been made in Turkey, which is also made in Turkey. The production date appears to be around January 2020. There is a tag with the limited edition on the right side of the tag.
LVC S506XXE_pocket


The top edge of the pockets are riveted to the top of the flapless World War II specs.
LVC S506XXE_red tab

red tab

The pockets will have so-called single-sided tabs.
LVC S506XXE_button


Iron laurel buttons. There are four buttons, as mentioned above.
LVC S506XXE_boxstitch

box stitch

The front has two pleats on each side and box stitching to hold them in place, but the box stitching is not aligned on each side.
LVC S506XXE_selvedge


Red lines are visible on the underside of the front.
LVC S506XXE_cinch

back cinch

Both ends are riveted.
LVC S506XXE_cinch

back cinch

The buckle is of the needle-piercing type, but it is designed so that if you don't cut the middle part of the buckle, it won't become a needle.
LVC S506XXE_rivet


Unmarked rivets. Unlike the original, they are not made of steel.
LVC S506XXE_rivetback


The rivet backs with the same engraving as the original, but still not made of steel.
LVC S506XXE_cuff


The cuffs are also made of laurel buttons and are riveted. Some of the first models have the sleeves made of one fabric, while others are made of two fabrics, but this one has two fabrics.
LVC S506XXE_fabric


As mentioned above, the fabric used was made by Corn Denim's White Oak Mill. I've compared it to the LVC product that used the author's White Oak Mill article, and I think it's safe to assume that the fabric used is from the 1944 model year. It's a slightly darker shade and has a moderate slubby feel to it, although not very strong. There is not much neping, but there are a few small weave scratches in places.

表記サイズ shoulder to shoulder
underarm to underarm length, excluding collar underarm to cuff
46 21.5 25 23 21.5