LVC 90501-0009 (1890model)(2015)

It is a revival model of the product of 1890 of the revival line Levi's Levi's VINTAGE CLOTHING (LVC), and it is the one of the time when the fabric of the Cone Denim Company was used. On the official website of Levi's, the part number of "501" was given in 1890, so it is the first 501 reprint model, but there are some theories about the time when the part number of "501" was given, so it is not possible to say definitively. 1890 model of LVC is divided into the one that used shallow dyed fabric and the one that used dark blue fabric depending on the time, but this is the one that used the former fabric.

In unglued rigid condition, with no flasher or guarantee ticket as this is an 1890s reissue.
It's pretty thick and straight. I think you'll find that despite being rigid, it's quite light in color.
The back pocket is only on the right. It has suspender buttons and a cinch back, but no belt loops.


It has a leather patch on it. It is true that the original had leather patches from that time too, but it is not clear whether it was really designed in this way or not.


It will be tagged with "LEVI'S VINTAGE CLOTHING".


In the original, instead of a guarantee ticket, the slake was stamped with a description of the quality on the sleek, which is reproduced in this reprint.


The right back pocket has a single needle arcuate stitching and the tops of the two sides are riveted.
LVC90501-0009_top butoon

top butoon

Silver-colored buttons with "LEVI STRAUSS & CO S.F. CAL" engraved on them; even 501 buttons look quite different from what we are used to seeing. The center is slightly depressed.


Notated size 30 inches, with three fly buttons.


It is unmarked and the center is dented like the top button.
LVC90501-0009_top button (back)

top button (back)

"4420" engraved.


The shape has been recreated as it was at the time.


The crotch is also reinforced with rivets. Slightly darker color rivets.
LVC90501-0009_coin pocket (back)

coin pocket (back)

The selvedge part is used on the back of the coin pocket.


Thick white ears. The hem is a finely pitched single stitch. This model was made at a time when industrial sewing machines for mass production had not yet been introduced, and the original was probably single stitched. The stitching is done by a finely pitched single stitch in other parts as well.


The inseams have been treated by stitching them together, either to recreate the original or to leave them unlocked and uncut.


As mentioned above, shallowly dyed fabrics are used. It's a fairly light ounce 3×1 fabric with a noticeable slubby feel but very little nipping. When the color is actually faded, there is a rather long vertical fading.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W30/L34 30.5 43.5 12.5 14.5 11.5 32.5 8.5 45.5