LVC 47501-0200 (2019)

LVC's single-sided, tab-period 1947s 501XX reissue model in white CONE DENIM Kaihara from LVC for Fall/Winter 2019, due to the impact of the Oak factory closing at the end of 2017. The specifications were changed to use fabrics made by the company. As for the rigid ones, they had been sewn in the U.S., but the sewing place was changed to It has been changed to Bulgaria.

Like the most recent LVC, 47501-0167, it comes with a flasher and guaranty ticket.
The silhouette of the 1947 model, slim and straight, has not been changed.
LVC47501-0020_leather patch

leather patch

It is a patch of cowhide and is expected to shrink very little, as it is no different from 47501-0167.


As with 47501-0167, the bottom row is "Copyright 1945. L.S. & Co. 1947 L.S. & changed to "1947 L.S. & Co. S.F.".
LVC47501-0020_guarantee ticket

guarantee ticket

The guarantee ticket was also changed to "FOR OVER 90 YEARS," as was the 47501-0167 and the information on the ticket is slightly different compared to the vintage one.


Tag attached to the side of the leather patch.


A tag tied to a belt loop.


On the back, there is a description of the 1947 model (slim and straight) and a wash that will shrink the length by approximately 2 inches. (There is no mention of shrinkage of the waist. There is no mention of shrinkage at the waist.
LVC47501-0020_inner tag

inner tag

The country of production is the United States or Turkey, where LVC has been engaged in sewing of many garments in the EU. It has been changed to Bulgaria. There are no areas of sewing that look particularly messy, and Bulgaria is also responsible for sewing for high end brands. Considering the fact that this is a certain country, I don't think there is any concern about the quality. By the way, the fabric is made in Kaihara, Japan.
LVC47501-0020_back pocket

back pocket

The width is slightly smaller than 47501-0167. Only the architeit stitching is yellow, which is the same as 47501-0167.
LVC47501-0020_back pocket (back)

back pocket (back)

Single stitched, like the vintage, with a letter describing the 1947 model, but alas What's more, the envelope has been changed from one that resembles a letter to a plain white one.
LVC47501-0020_red tab

red tab

"LEVI'S" is embroidered on one side only, so-called one-sided tabs.
LVC47501-0020_belt loop

belt loop

Belt loops are thicker, about 1.5 cm, like the vintage single-sided tab model The belt loops are retrofitted. The belt loops are retrofitted.
LVC47501-0020_conceal rivet

conceal rivet

Like 47501-0167, it has a hidden rivet with sharp edges. There is no magnetic response.
LVC47501-0020_top button

top button

The engraved letters are just a little larger than the vintage, but they are well reproduced. Unlike the vintage, there is no magnetic response. The stitching on the top button is V-stitched. The stitching on the top button is naturally V-stitched.
LVC47501-0020_front button

front button

There are four buttons, including the top button. When it comes to the 28-inch waist model, it's not quite as vintage as 47501-0167. Different.
LVC47501-0020_fly button

fly button

The writing is slightly larger than the vintage, but well reproduced. No magnetic response.
LVC47501-0020_top button (back)

top button (back)

47501-0167 had "4420" engraved on the back of the button, but this LVC has There is no engraving on the back of the button. The upper part of the waistband is single stitched like the vintage model.


Like 47501-0167, it is riveted with a lowercase "o". No magnetic response.
LVC47501-0020_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

It is almost the same as 47501-0167. There is still no magnet response.
LVC47501-0020_side stitch

side stitch

The long side stitching characteristic of vintage single-sided tab models has been recreated, but not as long as the earlier single-sided tab models.
LVC47501-0020_coin pocket

coin pocket

Both the coin pocket and the other side are made of horizontal fabric.
LVC47501-0020_coin pocket (back)

_coin pocket (back)

Like 47501-0167, the part of selvedge is used.


Like the vintage, there is not a bar tack.
LVC47501-0020_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

It's hard to tell from the photo, but the red ears are somewhat dull in color. If it fades with age, it will have a strong vintage look to it. The fact that there is little or no displacement at the hem seams makes it hard to say if it will have a bite to it that will make it swell.


The number of ounces of the fabric has not been released, but to the touch, it was used in 47501-0167. The difference in thickness between this fabric and the one made of corn denim is not so noticeable. The slubby feel is a bit weaker than the one made of corn denim. However, the same was true for the most recent cone denim fabric. The texture of the material is likely to feel quite different after the glue is removed. If you look at the back side of the fabric, you can see a few small neps. The color is dark blue with a gray tint.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W28/L34 28.5 38.5 11.5 15 11 33.5 7.5 44.5